posted by Charleyy Hodson

How do you feel about Calum’s big secret?

Have you ever done something in your life and then kept it secret for six years because you felt like people would judge you? If you have, you now have something in common with Calum McSwiggan. Especially if it involves pornography.

This week Calum uploaded an incredibly honest video to his YouTube channel about his secret previous employment… as an amateur gay porn star. Watch his confession below.

Calum, a 25 year old vlogger from the UK, earned up to £5,000 a month by uploading and starring in pornographic webcam videos with his friends after he was fired from his job as a postman ‘for being gay’.

The reason he suddenly shares his explicit past comes from the fact his fans are discovering these videos online and asking rather personal questions – so Calum decided to set the record straight.

“It felt quite exciting and glamorous at the time. There are hundreds of people watching, saying nice things and you’re getting money. But looking back there is nothing glamorous. I’ve watched the videos back and it is the opposite of glamorous.”

The videos started off as simple videos of him and his friends chatting on camera to a paying audience, but it quickly escalated into 10-12 extremely explicit videos of them all taking part in full-on, unprotected sex on camera.

“I want to warn people against doing it. It was a big mistake for me and I don’t want anyone else to make that same mistake.”

We’re proud of Calum for speaking out about his past and we send him massive waves of respect for telling the world exactly how it is. You go Calum!

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