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Hollie Brooks

Hollie brooks

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Senior Editor of We The Unicorns. Beauty expert. I want to be Sprinkle of Glitter when I grow up. I’ve lost years to watching YouTube and now I’m 26 and have no idea how it happened. RIP ME.

Liam Dryden

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Liam Dryden is a YouTube content creator of 8 years, who defected to a position of evil within the Media™ when he didn’t get a million subscribers.

Benedict Townsend

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benedict townsend

A national treasure.

Charleyy Hodson

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I like playing World of Warcraft and being sarcastic on the Internet. #relateable

Steven Wilson-Beales


Ultimate #content overlord. Twitter

We The Unicorns is…

Whether it’s commenting on the latest Dan and Phil video, reviewing a new Zoella beauty product, or meeting the Vlogbrothers face-to-face at events like VidCon, YouTube has become an unexpected world full of creativity and community, where creators and fans can connect like never before.

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But how often does the media get it right when talking about YouTube? And what do you do if you’re into it but you’re friends aren’t?

We The Unicorns is here to bring you all the magic from within the world of YouTube and online video. Our mission is simple: we want to create a world of specialised content for fans and YouTubers alike, to connect with the rest of the community through videos, quizzes, interviews and much more. We believe that every subscriber counts, and that’s why as well as hearing all the latest on your biggest faves, we’ll also be bringing you the best in new content from lesser known and up-and-coming creators; not to mention offering some tips and tricks to help you get your own channel started.

Our team is composed of YouTubers, fans and writers, all with at least one foot in the YouTube world; so you know that we know our stuff. And we won’t give you all the misunderstood nonsense like other news sites. We know that with over 400 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s really hard to keep track of what’s new, trending, or generally worth your time; which is why we’ll do all the hard work to filter it down for you!