posted by Benedict Townsend

Sometimes the only cure for a super dumb YouTube comment, is a perfectly crafted comeback

Funny YouTube comments are one thing, but when it comes to really bringing the comedy fire, nothing beats a witty reply. Today we’ve rounded up some of the wittiest comebacks and spiciest clap-backs that YouTube dot com has to offer. Enjoy:


1. They’ve got a point you know, SIR

They’re saying what we’ve all been thinking since YouTube was first created.





2. Somehow we don’t believe you, buddy

A likely story.



One Commenter Checks If Steve Jobs Is A Ghost

While the guy who replies clearly speaks sarcasm as a first language.



4. Might need to go to hospital for that burn, bro



5. Sometimes you don’t even need a full comeback

Sometimes they just need to re-read what they’ve written – and reevaluate their life.



6. This mind-bending exchange

If you think about this for too long, your head will explode. This is less of a clap-back and more of a general mindf*ck.




7. Sample these geographic delights

These commenters are so good at making puns they should consider a Korea in it.



8. Back to school for this dude

*counting on fingers* yep, this one doesn’t add up.




9. I mean … they’re not wrong

No need to hit up Genius lyrics this time around.




10. This is meta as hell

And is therefore the perfect place to finish off our roundup!