posted by Benedict Townsend

So it turns out the loveable lads from ‘IT’ have all got their own YouTube channels, and they’ve got everything from song covers to green screen nonsense

‘IT’ was probably the biggest cinematic surprise of 2017. Aside from the pleasant assortment of clown-based jump-scares, audiences delighted in the warm and realistic portrayal of childhood friendship. This was accomplished thanks to a great script, great director and, perhaps most importantly, a fantastically talented cast of young actors.

Now, proving that there literally is nothing they cannot excel at, it’s come to light that every single one of the loveable lads from Scary Clown Time: The Movie all have individual YouTube channels, and boy are they a treat. They’re fun because they’re not polished celebrity accounts, they’re simply the kind of youtube channels that kids their age would make. Check ’em out:

Finn Wolfhard

Click here to head to his channel.


Chosen Jacobs

Click here to head to his channel.


Nicholas Hamilton

Click here to head to his channel.

Wyatt Oleff

Click here to head to his channel.

Jaeden Lieberher doesn’t have a channel but

Here’s a collection of clips of him having fun times with his costars.