posted by Hollie-Anne Brooks

You NEED to see the gory Alice in Wonderland!

Halloween 2016 is bringing us some incredible makeup tutorials – from the creepy and gory to the pretty and glittery. No matter what your plans for Halloween 2016, you’ll no doubt enjoy some of these incredible makeup tutorials which take fantastical artistry to the next level.

We’ve seen a huge influx of  Snapchat filter makeup tutorials this year, with everything from the iconic dog filter to last year’s hit – the rainbow vomit – being recreated time and time again on YouTube. There have been Snapchat tutorials appearing throughout the year, but they’re the perfect thing to bring out for Halloween- especially if you’re as addicted to the app as we are.

Snapchat MakeUp Tutorials







Similar to the prettiness of the Snapchat tutorials, Halloween 2016 is seeing a big trend for using tons of glitter to turn oneself into a unicorn – something you won’t find us complaining about at all!

Unicorn MakeUp Tutorials






Last year saw the amazing Dope2111 had a viral hit with her double face tutorial- we even attempted it ourselves! And the trend for trippy and weird looks carries on into Halloween 2016. Like the double face tutorial, this look is all about optical illusions and requires a fair bit of skill to pull of, but the results are incredible!

Trippy MakeUp Tutorials





Thanks to the release of Suicide Squad this year, we’re about to see more than a few Harley Quinns this Halloween but make sure you’re one step ahead with the best makeup of all.

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorials




Finally, what’s Halloween without gore? Go all our for Halloween 2016 and really amp up the look with as much fake blood as you can get your hands on.

Gory MakeUp Tutorials





What have you got planned for Halloween 2016? Let us know in the comments below.