posted by Liam Dryden

Viner and Facebook video legend Jack Jones is known for winding the general public up for laughs; but that doesn’t mean the prankster doesn’t have a big ol’ heart of gold.

Working with radio station Capital XTRA this week as a part of their “Make Some Noise” campaign, Jack has taken to the streets of London and gotten strangers to join him in making some pretty specific noises – mostly imitating animals – all in the name of charity.

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Making the public do animal noises for Globals make some noise…Making the public do animal noises for Global’s Make Some Noise

Posted by Jack Jones TV on Monday, 5 October 2015

What better reason to convince the general public to make a fool of themselves than for a good cause?

Global’s Make Some Noise helps give a voice to smaller charities across the UK who otherwise have a harder time of making their causes heard. Capital XTRA break down just some of the good work that donating can help support:

  • Just £14 can fund the cost of a children’s hospice nurse for an hour.
  • £27 pays for an Occupational Therapist to spend an hour with a young person, helping them to recover from physical and mental illnesses.
  • £40 pays for a music therapy session for a child with severe and complex needs, which can help with their listening and co-ordination skills.

You can find out more at Go Jack!