posted by Benedict Townsend

Get this in your sights

Overwatch is one of the most popular video games in history – and when something is successful, you better believe it generates some awesome fan art. We strolled over to tumblr dot com (a little indie website, you’ve probably never heard of it), to see if any fans had made fan art blending Overwatch with your favourite creators.

We did indeed find what we were looking for, but it was less ‘creators’ and more ‘creator’. Yes, for whatever reason, every piece of Overwatch/YouTuber art featured Ireland’s most energetic man: JackSepticEye.

So here it is, a collection of some of the most wonderful fan creations that blend this incredibly popular creator and incredible popular game. Let’s dive in:

This Soldier Soldier 76 creation from fckngrass

With each of these artists, make sure to check out their tumblr for even more awesome creations.


Experience … dankness, thanks to this creation by ghastlyghostsyt

 Crazions has their dad pants firmly on

You can find more of that work on Twitter (@crazions) and YouTube channel.

This Junkrat Jack from septic-aye

This awesome stylised creation from joshiepopop

This badass soldier from sannyomro

BE TRANQUIL DAMMIT (says emilowl)

drawsch had a similar thought

mango-cat-attack challenges you to nerf this

And finally, this frankly mind-blowing animation from duruushii