posted by Charleyy Hodson

Get your gift wrap ready!

Every month we complain about how fast the year is moving, so why the hell would March 2017 be any different at all?! We’ve already waved goodbye to January and February (thank god); and now we’re moving into March, we can expect to see Spring starting to appear – as well as a whopping 18 YouTuber birthdays! Are you ready for all this birthday cake!?

In the lush calendar below, we’ve rounded up every single YouTube birthday you need to know about in the next 31 days; so make sure you schedule in a “Happy Birthday” tweet or two for your faves! If you missed out on our previous birthday calendars and want to be prepared for 2018, then here’s all the celebrations that happened back in February and January!

So, without any further adieu, here’s every birthday coming in March 2017:

march 2017

  • March 2ndNikkieTutorials + Joe Weller
  • March 3rdToby Turner
  • March 5thShay Carl
  • March 7thKorey Kuhl
  • March 9thSuperMaryFace
  • March 12thChristina Grimmie
  • March 16thTamara Kalinic (Glam & Glitter)
  • March 19thiHasCupquake + Benny Fine
  • March 20thiJustine
  • March 22ndTyler Oakley
  • March 24thJon Jafari (JonTron)
  • March 27thChristine Sydelko
  • March 28thZoe Sugg + Jake Edwards 
  • March 29thJasmine Clough
  • March 31stLiza Koshy

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below if you think we’ve missed anyone!