posted by Charleyy Hodson

Time to get wrapping again!

Look, it’s January now and the party season is officially over. It’s time to drag your butt back outside into the cold to try and get an education or pay check and things all suck again, right?. But don’t worry because your best friends on the Internet still exist and there’s still plenty more reason to celebrate because their birthdays are officially on the horizon! So make a note on your own calendar, as these are the birthdays you need to know about in the next 31 days.

With the likes of Phil Lester and Arin Hanson both celebrating their 30th birthday this month, it’s majorly important for y’all to get on Twitter and send them some love! Also, with the passing of the garbage fire that was 2016 into the hopeful light of 2017, fingers crossed these birthdays signal the start of a wonderful new year. Please.



  • January 6thArin Hanson
  • January 21stHazel Hayes + Sean Elliott
  • January 22ndFouseyTUBE
  • January 26thOli White
  • January 27thKathleenLights
  • January 30thPhil Lester