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We’ve got you cover-to-covered.

YouTuber books are officially inescapable. We thought people were kidding when they said every single creator seems to have a book coming out; but they were completely right. We know, because we just made a big long list of every single book (that we know of) coming out in 2017 alone.

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If you’re interested in who’s working on book projects this year but can’t keep up with all the ~Huge Announcements~, then consider this your one-stop shop. We’ve got every book title, its release date, and what it’s all about; and we’re going to keep updating this page every time we hear about another book. Wish us luck.

Scroll on to find out the who, when and what of all the YouTuber books coming out in 2017…

Connie Glynn – ‘The Rosewood Chronicles’

GENRE: Fiction

RELEASE DATE: 21st September

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Somewhere in the deep realm of free time, Noodlerella’s managed to write a whole fiction series; about the adventures of Lottie Pumpkin and her princess dorm mate at Rosewood Hall. 

Oli White – ‘Generation Next: The Takeover’

GENRE: Fiction


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: An anticipated sequel to ‘Generation Next’ sees Oli’s characters take their social media platform to the biggest music festival in the world. But will a shifty yet charming TV producer ruin things for them? Find out in the DVD boxset of cult classic ‘Wayne’s World 1 & 2’!

Louise Pentland – ‘Wilde Like Me’

GENRE: Fiction


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: This will be the first book in Louise’s upcoming “Robin Wilde” series; and we don’t quite know what it’s all about yet, but it’s been promised this is a character we’re going to love…

Emma Blackery – ‘Feel Good 101’

GENRE: Self-help/Lifestyle

RELEASE DATE: 7th September

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Described as “the book Emma wishes she’d had growing up”, ‘Feel Good 101’ is named after Emma’s vlog series of the same name; and promises a no-filter look at her life and the lessons she has learned from it. (Read our interview with Emma here!)

Hannah Witton – ‘Doing It’

GENRE: Sex & Relationships


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Hannah has a very open and unfiltered view on sex and relationships; and plans on carrying this over in her debut release. So from masturbation to sexting, ‘Doing It’ intends to educate and empower young people!

Connor Franta – ‘Note To Self’

GENRE: Lifestyle

RELEASE DATE: 18th April

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Connor’s second release compiles short essays, letters to his past and future selves, poetry, and original photography to create an interesting an introspective collection of work.


Giovanna Fletcher – ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’

GENRE: Parenting/Lifestyle


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: There are a million different theories on parenting; but nothing can really prepare you for how much your life will change when a baby comes along. Giovanna knows more than anyone that she can’t tell you how to be a perfect parent – but she definitely can offer some insight on how to be a happy one.

Melanie Murphy – ‘Fully Functioning Human (Almost)’ (TBC)

GENRE: Lifestyle/Autobiography (TBC)

RELEASE DATE: 7th September (TBC)

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: While it’s still all up in the air, every hint that Melanie has dropped about her upcoming book suggests it’s very personal and anecdotal; so we can probably expect a glimpse into the life of Melanie like we’ve never seen before…

My Life As Eva – ‘The Struggle Is Real’

GENRE: Lifestyle/Autobiography

RELEASE DATE: 14th February

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Eva has seen it all, and she’s no stranger to oversharing; so we can probably expect a glimpse into the life of Eva like we’ve never seen before… Hang on a minute

Bethany Mota – ‘Make Your Mind Up’

GENRE: Lifestyle/Autobiography


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Bethany’s rise to fame from the age of thirteen has been well-chronicled, but she has never written a memoir before; so we can probably expect a glimpse into the life of Eva like we’ve never seen before… Wait, come on

Rhett & Link – ‘Book of Mythicality: A Field Guide to Curiosity, Creativity, and Tomfoolery’

GENRE: Autobiography/Comedy

RELEASE DATE: 10th October

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Hoping to spring from screen to page, Rhett and Link’s book debut will have all the comedy goodness of their internet breakfast show ‘Good Mythical Morning’. A mix of their backstory, life advice and some artwork, hopefully ‘Book of Mythicality’ will be a nice companion for any Internetainer fan.

Arden Rose – ‘Almost Adulting’

GENRE: Self-help/Lifestyle

RELEASE DATE: 28th March

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Arden has navigated life pretty well so far; and now with a collection of essays and artwork, will show you how to live the exact same way!

Jordan Bone – ‘My Beautiful Struggle’

GENRE: Autobiography/Self-Help


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Having been paralysed from the chest down for over 10 years, Jordan has found new life and confidence as a successful beauty YouTuber; and now she’s sharing her experience in what will no doubt be one of the most uplifting projects this year.

Lilly Singh – ‘How To Be A Bawse: A Guide To Conquering Life’

GENRE: Lifestyle/Self-Help

RELEASE DATE: 28th March

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Lilly has hustled for her success more than almost anyone we’ve known on YouTube; and is completely deserving of it. But she knows there are no shortcuts to achieving your dreams. So who better to teach you realistic life advice like “there are no escalators. Only stairs”?

Grace Victory – ‘No Filter’

GENRE: Lifestyle/Self-Help


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Living as the Internet’s Big Sister has guaranteed that Gracie Francesca would drop a book on us at some point! Everything from body confidence to mental health awareness will be covered in this anecdotal guide.


But who have we missed?

We’ll be updating this list as and when we hear about more YouTuber books coming out in 2017; but if you’ve spotted one that we haven’t featured here, then be sure to let us know in the comments!