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Summer in the City 2017 is in full swing with more panels, photo booths and fairground rides than we can actually handle. No seriously, it’s wild out here.

While taking selfies and riding on the dodgems (at the same time) is a favourite pastime of ours, what we really wanted to do is spy on our fave creators and see what the hell they’ve been getting up to behind the scenes. So, we decided to go sleuthing and, basically, the tl;dr is that everyone is having a lovely, wholesome time.

Miles is spending most of his time sticking his tongue out and looking super cute. Fair enough.

Bertie Gilbert is spending today, like we imagine he does most days, looking incredibly suave.

Here’s Dodie being exceptionally glamorous while putting her makeup on in the car. We’ve all been there, babes.

Roly is serving yearbook realness with a side of yaaaaassss queen in the We The Unicorns photo booth.

'Trot along bitch' – @rolyungashaa #SITC2017

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Hazel Hayes snapped herself on the way to SitC. Looks like she managed to put her makeup on before she got into the car, unlike Dodie.

Luke Cutforth is here and he’s getting his nips out which is ABSOLUTELY FINE with us.

Same, Millie. Same.

Mega babes Savannah Brown and Dean Dobbs are hanging out and looking super kawaii in the YouTube Space Lounge.

Oh hello, Stevie!

'🕶' – @sassibob #SITC2017

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Melanie Murphy has found lollipops and now we’re very jealous.

Someone find Aaron and give him a map. We haven’t seen him in hours.

Fire in the booth with Chandler.

'Be u… not 'you'… the letter u. Good luck.' – @chandlernwilson #SITC2017

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Did you manage to grab a selfie with any of your faves? Let us know! And make sure you head over to our Instagram to see who else has dropped by the We The Unicorns photobooth.