posted by Charleyy Hodson


We can’t believe this a thing, and not even a small unnoticeable thing that’s funny for a little while but then we all forget about it. Barbie, the actual friggin’ plastic doll, has a YouTube channel with nearly 2 million subscribers and a hell of a lot of videos. Someone, somewhere is putting in some serious work on this YouTube channel, even though (to me) the videos are completely horrifying to watch.

The channel was noticed, and went viral, after Twitter user @FreddyAmazin shared the collage below of Barbie doing a range of generic YouTube content including the “Draw My Life” challenge and eating baby food with Ken. However, once you click through to any one of these videos, it’s plain to see that these were not intended to be taken as satire – because someone is putting their life and soul into creating a genuine Barbie YouTube channel.

Here’s just a cross-section of the content appearing on Barbie’s channel right now.

Just look at the video we’ve shared below, in which Barbie does the “Empathy Challenge” with her best friend and total bro, Ken. Now, there’s a thin line that the voice acting in this video walks on because on the one hand, it’s really good and with my eyes closed it does indeed sound like two YouTubers collaborating. However, when you open your eyes and snap back to reality, you realise you’re watching a BARBIE DOLL EAT BABY FOOD WITH SURFER BOY KEN. I cannot.

The channel is doing other excellent things such as translating their videos into a variety of languages to attract a wider, more multi-cultural audience, but why? I’m seriously having trouble answering this question. Why? Who? What? Where? How is this a thing that exists? The channel doesn’t seem to be selling anything either… there’s just a 100% serious Barbie channel out there and it has about 2 million more subscribers than I ever will.

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