People Think This Detail In Some Of Dan Howell's Old Videos Is Linked To His Depression

12 October 2017, 14:35

Dan Howell Depression 1

By Team Unicorns

The YouTuber revealed his battle with depression in a recent video.

Dan Howell's fans have been reexamining his videos since his brave decision to reveal his struggles with depression late last night, with some believing a sheet of paper that was features in some of his past vlogs is linked to his mental health.

A letter called "The Rules" has been seen in a number of Dan's past videos. On first glance, it seems like a standard productivity checklist; but some fans believe it's a self-care guide to help the YouTuber keep on top of things on bad mental health days.

Highlighting some of the rules written on the letter, including get-out-of-bed times, one Dan Howell fan wrote, "what if this was made to help dan get up and be productive and help him with his self care when he was at a low point?"

Depression often makes it tough for those living with the illness to complete tasks that seem routine to most - including leaving the house and getting out of bed, and some fans believe that "The Rules" was made to help with that. Of course all sorts of people use reminder lists regardless of their mental health, so it could be #NotThatDeep.

If you think self-care strategies could be useful for you, check out's self-care section.

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