posted by Benedict Townsend

Marcus opened up about the early days of Zalfie, as well as a whole host of other personal topics in a brand new, unedited Q&A video

Marcus Butler has revealed some info about the early days of Zoe and Alfie’s relationship in a brand new, unedited Q&A video. In the video, which covers a wide range of topics, Marcus discusses what it was like being around the couple when they hadn’t yet gone public with their relationship. Marcus reveals that Alfie even kept it all a secret from him – but said that it was extremely obvious to everyone that they were a couple.

Marcus also dives into why he doesn’t see Alfie and the other big British YouTubers as much any more, saying that work takes up most of his time and doesn’t let him see his friends as much as he’d like. For his full comments, check out the video right here (the Zalfie stuff starts at 9:00 minutes in):

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