posted by Benedict Townsend

Here’s something refreshingly nice to break up the endless stream of negative news we see these days – a YouTuber being nice to his fans!

There are plenty of horrible things in this world: war, famine, that plastic packaging that scissors come in that you can’t actually open unless you have scissors already – but in the darkness, there shines a light. That light is being held aloft by Internet Boi Oliver ‘Oli’ White, who recently decided to launch his new merch range by delivering a bunch of free samples to fans … himself.

The delight on the faces of the fans as he hands over a box of free shwag is undeniable and provides a welcome contrast to a world that grows ever closer, day by day, to being enveloped in all-consuming darkness! Hooray!

Oli told We The Unicorns: “We had a blast surprising viewers and their families with loads of my new merch – the look on their faces when I popped up at their front doors were so worth it. It’s one of my favourite moments since starting out on YouTube.”

You can take a look at the magic right here:

And for more Oli goodness, why not check out this video we made with the man himself just the other week: