posted by Liam Dryden

Was Donald Trump’s first debate with Hillary a success? Riyadh doesn’t think so – and breaks down exactly why in devastating fashion.

If there’s one thing everyone has learned from the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it’s how to fact-check. Trump lied nearly as many times as Hillary was interrupted; and a lot of people in America are still letting him get away with it. So it’s about time the Irish got involved.

riyadh k donald trump

Thankfully, Riyadh K has spared no time and – pulled no punches – in his analysis of all the nonsense Trump spouted in the debate. Riyadh breaks down everything wrong with Trump’s contribution in just 7 minutes; From calling out his obsession with China and Mexico, to what you could get for his “very small” $14million loan. Nothing is spared.

Watch Riyadh’s hilarious takedown of Donald Trump below.