posted by Hollie-Anne Brooks

You can thank us later.

The Zoella Lifestyle range has landed in Boots UK stores across the country. With everything from the travel mug to the backpack being snapped up super fast, it seems the entire world has gone crazy for Zoella‘s latest commercial venture. But let’s be real, we’d have to be pretty rich to afford the entire range.

With the backpack priced at £50, the candles at £10 each and the journal coming in at £14, our Christmas list is going to be extra long this year. However, what if we told you that you could get the Zoella Lifestyle range at a bit of a discount? Luckily for you, we’ve figured out exactly how you can save a few pennies whilst still satisfying your every aesthetic need.

zoella lifestyle backpack price


With the Zoella Lifestyle range hitting Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams and Waterstones by the end of the year, stores are eager to make sure you’re snapping the products up from them and not a rival… Cue some pretty decent discounts.

At the time of writing, Boots are currently offering a “3 for 2” deal across the entire Zoella Lifestyle range- including the backpack. Here’s some combinations you could jump on, as well exactly how much they’ll save you:

  • 1 x Zoella Lifestyle Seaside Stroll Candle + Naps Fix Everything Pillow + Homemade Treats Reed Diffuser = A saving of £10
  • 1 x Zoella Lifestyle Backpack + Lazy Days Candle & Socks Set + Once Upon A Time Journal – A saving of £14
  • 1 x Zoella Lifestyle Storage Pots + My Eden Reed Diffuser + Inspire Keyring = A saving of £6


You get the jist, right? And don’t quote on us on this but if any of you are familiar with Boots and their Christmas deals, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Zoella Lifestyle Backpack became a “Star Gift” in the run up to Christmas – meaning for a limited time only it could well be half price. But like we said, that’s only wishful thinking on our behalf.

Have you bought anything from the Zoella Lifestyle range yet? Let us know in the comments below.