posted by Charleyy Hodson

Only TRUE fans will get this right.

You may be a PewDiePie pro, a Markiplier master or a JackSepticEye genius… but how well can you name all the rest of the Revelmode crew? We’ve devised a way to test your knowledge about the biggest and baddest collection of YouTube creators in the entire planet thanks to their gorgeous, personalised icons! If you don’t know what we’re on about, go check them out on the Revelmode homepage – but after this quiz! Don’t cheat!

With 11 creators under their belt, all you need to do is match them to their colourful graphic, which is way harder than you think. The main aim is to try and get more than 67% (which is what our Senior Editor, the woman in charge of this whole damn website) got, so yeah, just try to beat that and make us laugh in the process. Good luck!

Once you’re finished inevitably nailing this quiz, make sure you check out all the rest of our quiz archive for hours more fun!



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