posted by Liam Dryden

Can you tell what all these young, photogenic individuals are REALLY doing with their lives?

So we’ll be the first to admit that big-name YouTubers get the lion’s share of exposure on We The Unicorns (hey – it’s all you’ll click on). But we do want to give some love to the creators who, at this point, are the ones really keeping the community together; especially when the rest of the world seems to be nothing but Team 10 drama. That’s right, time for a smaller YouTuber quiz!

smaller youtuber quiz smosh

We’ve put some up-and-coming creators in the quiz below; and all you have to do is point them out. “Point them out from what?” I hear you ask. Excellent question, Trevor – you have to tell them apart from some equally young, trendy, photogenic stock image models. So don’t worry if you get any answers wrong; this is all about finding some cool new creators to watch!

Take the smaller YouTuber quiz below…

Also, have you heard? We have a new book!

‘Vlogging 101: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a YouTuber’ is available now. So find out more in the video below!