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Happy 29th birthday Phil!!

So it’s Phil Lester’s birthday on the 30th of January and he’s going to be 29. 20 FREAKING 9?! Regardless of when you read this article, we all need to be praising Phil and his incredible life on this Earth. We’ve found 29 of our favourite Phil moments to highlight this spectacular creature so enjoy!


We can’t get over the tie and glasses combination.


Setting fashion trends since 1987.


The hat is potentially more famous than Phil himself!


“Rawr means I love you in dinosaur!”


That’s exactly how you make us feel Phil!


Oh don’t try us Phillip!!


I mean, is he wrong about almond milk? We can’t tell.


Officially our favourite dance move.


We still haven’t got over this freaking marshmallow tweet.

Officially saying goodbye to the festive season by eating a giant marshmallow Christmas dinner

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We fully support Phil’s fashion choices.

Here’s what I’m wearing to the Star Wars premiere tonight! A photo posted by amazingphil (@amazingphil) on


Phil’s dedication to the waffle game is unreal.

The waffling has begun! I’m officially in America now 🇺🇸✨

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FASHION TREND: Zebra neck rests.

On the tour bus with my rock and roll zebra neck brace A photo posted by amazingphil (@amazingphil) on


That’s quite the quiff you’re rocking there Phil!

The sea gave me a spiffing new hairstyle 🌊

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That’s nearly the quote, bless you.

I AM PHROOT A photo posted by amazingphil (@amazingphil) on




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Literally, how did this situation come to be?!

Didn’t think I’d be getting intimate with a water fountain when I woke up this morning A photo posted by amazingphil (@amazingphil) on


We promise we won’t Phil.

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This is so freaking creepy… are you guys seeing the glitch?!

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Oh my gawd this is perfect.

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This gif is as amazing as Phil is.

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This is 100% Phil’s aesthetic.

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This is amazing!!

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This is the magazine cover that should have been printed.

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We stan Phil Lester and Patrick Stump so hard.

You loveable idiot.

Relationship goals.

We officially believe Phil when he defined Yeezing as listening to Kanye.


We’re with you on this on Dan – WTF?