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Over the past few months, rumours of a girlfriend have been flying all over the Internet as it looks as though Markiplier is no longer single. Well, after a tweet begging for privacy and some very public attention at PAX this year, it’s safe to confirm that Markiplier is officially dating Amy Nelson – and here’s everything you want to know about her!

We’ve done some serious sleuthing across the Internet and have found a collection of things about Amy that we think you’ll want to know, but there’s one thing we want to make massively clear – all of this information is freely accessible on the Internet and no one must go snooping beyond the computer screen. Please respect their relationship and be happy for Mark and Amy.


In the midst of all the conversation and rumours, Markiplier uploaded this video – which kinda backfired as some people thought the title contained potential information about his girlfriend…


But here she is – Amy Nelson is a graphic designer and animator originally from Boston before she moved to LA. She also has an interest in video games such as Hearthstone and Overwatch.

amy nelson

Fans have spotted her in vlogs and pictures across the Internet, including the reflection of her legs on the back of Markiplier’s monitor, wearing a horse mask in videos and as “the blonde wearing the ass ass glasses”.

amy nelson

Amy posted this lush GIF of her and Mark from PAX 2016 where they made one of their first public appearances as a couple.


The two have been open and flirty online since their relationship became more public, sparking trends such as #Amyplier to appear on Tumblr and Twitter.


Amy has made quick friends with Jack and Signe – but this in turn has caused some very defensive fans to fight that she has ruined their Septiplier ship.

amy nelson


Over on Twitter, Amy Nelson is the sh*tposting meme Queen of the world – you need to check out her series of selfies from Seattle bathrooms.


We don’t wanna break ya hearts, but it looks like Chica has a brand new best friend…


Within the last few months, Amy’s social media presence has grown significantly thanks to candid shots like this of Mark in his personal life.


However, as her identity is becoming increasing more prominent, she’s having to deal with people “impersonating” her friends to gain access to private accounts.


This was one of the first public images of the pair together without any prior confirmation. However, on that same day…


… Amy tweeted out to her followers that they were in an official “relationship”, bit would like to keep it private from his fanbase. Which TBH, we all need to respect!


She was a proud member of the women’s marches at the beginning of 2017. She attended in Los Angeles with Mark and friends.


Amy used to be an avid accordion player but had to give up because “it was too loud to practise” in her old Boston apartment.


Amy and Mark visited Brighton to see Jack and Felix over the Christmas holidays last year… and apparently only took pictures of pigeons.


In her 2016 review, she admits to be a “uncomfortable” with being known solely for being involved with Mark’s channel and wants to spend 2017 on her own “pet projects”.

amy nelson


If you want to see what Amy’s life looks like, make sure you follow her on Snapchat: peebles.jpg

amy nelson