posted by Charleyy Hodson

We love you Miles!

Everyone needs somebody to love this time of the year; the weather is cold as hell, Valentine’s Day is forced upon us whether we like or not and it’s months until the next YouTuber convention. So, to try and warm up your shattered and broken lil’ hearts, we’ve collected just eight times Tumblr couldn’t handle the magical creature that is Miles McKenna.

After coming out as trans non-binary earlier on in the year, Miles (formerly AmandasChronicles) has quickly become one of the most influential and inspirational LGBTQ+ icons on YouTube. And if you don’t understand why right now, you certainly will by the end of this gay AF listicle.




Sign us up to this darn prayer. Miles is the reason this planet is even able to function on a basic level in 2017.


Okay, hands up if this didn’t make you cry. Awesome, now please leave. This shattered hearts across the Internet, and y’all don’t even know it.


And boy oh boy did Tumblr laugh at this little discovery. (longest_eye_roll_ever.gif)


This is even more painful now we know it’s happened. We feel your pain Miles!


Who even is straight anymore Miles? That’s the real truth here.


Here’s Miles just casually representing an entire movement of minorities. At the end of the day, Miles has good manners and that’s what matters.


From this moment forth, you will now envision is GIF whenever you hear someone mention the word “equality”. You’re welcome.


So if Miles McKenna takes up even 1% of your beautiful lil’ heart, we bet you felt some serious emotions in this article. Makes sure you share it with people so, y’know, they see it too!

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