posted by Liam Dryden

Ever wondered how YouTube looks around the globe? Here are 30 of the world’s most subscribed creators. Prepare for some surprises!

We write about a wide range of popular YouTubers on this site, but there’s an obvious trend; almost all of them are from or are based in English-speaking countries. But considering YouTube is a worldwide site, there is a huge portion of the most subscribed YouTubers that we don’t cover (admittedly because we don’t speak the language).

most subscribed cyprien

But out of curiosity, we decided to peruse a bunch of stat sites to find out who the most popular channels are all around the world; and while we sorted them by country, language and video types, came up with a lot of surprises!

There are a few familiar faces in this list that you might associate with the UK; but their channel origin says otherwise. Also, most of the countries we picked had a most subscribed channel with at least above 5 million subscribers; but there were a few surprises we threw in. Such as Hungary – where the biggest channel has just over 500 thousand!

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