posted by Hollie-Anne Brooks

Slay us, Nimbob!

Try as we might, we really don’t have the will power to embrace the Niomi Smart way of life. But it doesn’t stop us trying. On a Monday, we vow to go all out vegan, sugar-free and do yoga every night but then someone in the office has biscuits and all hell breaks loose.

So whilst we might not be able to match Niomi in the style stakes, we can take inspiration from her fashion choices. And boy does she make good choices. From suited and booted for a magazine photoshoot to pretty and feminine for a date, here are 9 photos which prove she’s our fashion favourite.

Autumn Vibes

Niomi Smart

Tapping into the trend for all things, er, fluffy, Niomi accessorises like a pro with a neutral colour scheme and mixed textures.


Pale And Interesting

Niomi Smart

Most people are afraid of pale colours, fearing they’ll make them look washed out. But Niomi shows it’s all about finding the right shade for your skintone and adding a few key accessories like a statement shoe and bold nails.


Office Chic

Niomi Smart

Niomi wore this smart look for London Fashion Week last year and we’ve taken inspiration from it ever since. Whether you’re at college or at work, a printed skirt with opaques and a smart white shirt always looks professional but stylish. Top tip? Look for a shirt with something a little different about it, like Niomi has with this slightly cropped version.


Vintage Glam

Niomi Smart

For a date night with Marcus, Niomi stuck to a cool colour scheme and took inspiration from the 50s with an off-the-shoulder top, pleated skirt and flats. Can we also do a huge heart eyes emoji for that Mulberry bag, too?


Blow Out

Niomi Smart

Ultimately, Niomi sticks to a very clean and contemporary look with key classics making up the bulk of her wardrobe; this extends to her beauty style which Niomi knows really helps pull a look together. Whatever you’re wearing, there’s no better accessory than bouncy, healthy looking hair and glowing skin (probably from all the fruit and veggies she eats!)


Colour Clash

Niomi Smart

Whilst her palette tends to be neutral shades, Niomi isn’t afraid of a colour pop. Keeping your shape simple is key which is why Niomi’s jumpsuit and classic red/orange heels work well together rather than looking like she got dressed in the dark!



Niomi Smart

WOW! When she was shot by famous photographer Rankin, Niomi pulled out all the stops with some seriously great tailoring which proves a trouser suit doesn’t have to look masculine at all.


Go Shorty!

Niomi Smart

Sure, Niomi has got a body to die for but we’ve all got amazing features that we love to show off. Playing up to her best assets – her legs – Niomi repeatedly steps out in short shorts. Marcus Butler is one lucky man…


Beach Babe

Niomi Smart

BRB – crying into our hot chocolate with extra cream…

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