The Story Of: JackSepticEye

8 September 2017, 16:03

The Story Of- JackSepticEye

By Benedict Townsend

JackSepticEye is one of YouTube's biggest creators - here is his story

JackSepticEye is one of the most popular creators on YouTube, but how did he get to where he is? We look back at his YouTube story, for your enjoyment:

  • February 7th 1990: Sean McLoughlin is born in Athlone, Ireland. Growing up he had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

  • A childhood eye injury leads to his friend giving him the nickname 'Jack Septic Eye'.


  • Feb 24th 2007: Jack creates his YouTube channel.


  • Nov 12th 2012: Jack uploads his first video:

September 2013: Jack gets a massive boost from a PewDiePie shoutout.

November 16th 2013: He uploads his first Happy Wheels video:


August 15th 2014: Jack uploads his first FNAF video

But it wouldn't be his last.

August 20th 2014: Jack draws his life

May 2015: He releases his most viewed video to date:

July 22nd 2016 - Jack Gets Songified

Songified all the way.

September 7th 2017: Jack announces a US tour