10 Vines That Make Us Really, Really Want A Hoverboard

8 October 2015, 15:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Segways, swegways, hoverboards, CyBoards, IOHawks... nobody seems to agree on what to call these things or where they even came from, but all we know is this: we want one.

The hoverboard seems to have been adopted pretty heavily by people in the Vine world, and their loops have given us at least 10 reasons why we need a board to get around in our day-to-day life....


Mornings would be WAY easier.

Piques - "Me In The Morning"


And so would shopping.

partywithphilip - "Shopping around Target"


Even the gym could be fun??

Aaron Tomlinson - "Biceps"


We could fight crime! (but in a weirdly cute way)

Dan Nampaikid - "Future police officers"


Or wear heels WITHOUT having to walk in them.

AlliCattt - "We love heels but will do anything to NOT have to walk in them"


We could look absolutely AWESOME dancing...

Amymarie Gaertner - "The airboard shuffle"


...Once we'd got the hang of them, that is.

Thatcher|Joseph (??˘?) - "The first YouTuber to ever get a Segway thing..."


Honestly, we'd be UNSTOPPABLE...

Aja George - "Amymarie Gaertner , Madd Chadd and I for #mechanicalmonday on our Airboards by The Airwheel. Soooo much fun!!!"


...Until stairs.

Jerry Purpdrank - "Noting can stop the squad"


Or battery.

Klarity - "When the squad leaves you behind"