10 YouTube Collabs You Completely Forgot Ever Happened

11 April 2016, 09:42 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Where would we be without some of YouTube's best creators and their collabs together?

Collabs are a YouTube staple - every big creator works with others at some point, either to boost their channel or just for a bit of fun! And nowadays it always seems like the same people keep popping up in each other's videos - Zoe and Alfie are joined at the hip, Troye and Tyler keep rolling out the content, and you almost 100% cannot have Dan without Phil.

But there are always those collabs between an unlikely duo (or trio, or more) that you might have forgotten about... But here's just a few of our faves!

Troye Sivan waxing his legs with Zoella

Troye's living it up and taking over the world as a super serious professional music boy at the moment; but hopefully he's still up for a silly collab occasionally! We need more like this leg-waxing goodness with Zoe in our lives.


Hannah Hart singing with Andrew Huang

If you didn't know, Hannah's first musical foray wasn't carrot-based "You're The 1Z"; years earlier she worked on this awesome pun-filled jam with Canadian musical magician Andrew Huang!


Dodie Clark getting awkward with Jon Cozart

Musical collabs always sound a bit awkward, if the duet partmers either haven't practised enough or are trying too hard - but ukulele dream team Jon and Dodie absolutely nailed that with their own original song!


Tyler Oakley giving Jim Chapman a lap dance

Tyler's collabs are usually full of YouTube's most colourful characters - but he's always got time for everyone's favourite Average Joe, Jim! A lot of time, in fact...


Brizzy Voices making weird sounds with Grace Helbig

When the whole premise of your video is to make weird sounds to imitate weird pictures, there probably isn't a better pairing than professional weirdo Grace and voice expert Brizzy. The naked mole rat impression is A+!


Joey Graceffa Photoboothing with Shane Dawson

The Photobooth Challenge swept the internet for a brief period, and there were some truly amazing results - but this shared experience between Joey and Shane was something special. Points for a spot-on One Direction impression...


The Fantastic Foursome playing Twister



Lilly Singh becoming BFFs with... Selena Gomez?!

YouTuber/celebrity collabs are often incredibly weird and stilted - but if anyone can pull it off flawlessly, it's Lilly. Check out the funtimes she has with new pal, Selena frickin' Gomez!


Hank Green being too tall on My Drunk Kitchen

Both the Vlogbrothers have made appearances on Hannah's legendary cooking series, but Hank and Hannah making his favourite food (corn dogs) has to come out on top; if only for the ridiculous height difference!


Evan Edinger & Luke Cutforth (and a bunch of others) do Valentine's Day

Evan's "YouTube Valentine" series has become an annual staple of YouTube on Valentine's Day; but it's time for you to remember where it all began! We played again and got Bry. Not sorry.