12 Vsauce Videos That Will Keep Your Brain Active While Studying

19 May 2016, 15:42 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Trying to take a study break without falling asleep? Let the Vsauce team blow your mind with some amazing brain food videos!

Studying can be a massive bore. It's no fun to be constantly going over the same essays and exam papers in the hope that your brain will be trained to perfection. Sometimes you just want to tune out and watch some YouTube.

But did you know you can watch YouTube AND learn something AND not be bored? I know, our minds are low-key blown too.

The team that makes up Vsauce - Michael, Kevin, and Jake - have dedicated three channels to doing this exact thing. Here's just a handful of study-friendly videos from them to keep your thinking cap well and truly glued on!


In Defense Of Comic Sans

Remember when you used to LOVE Comic Sans, and then started to know better when you had to write your serious essays in Arial? This video is basically the justice your 13 year-old self deserves.


Why Are Bad Words Bad?

Ever just feel like swearing at your books while working on something difficult? Bad words give us impact that we really need sometimes - and Michael gives you the breakdown on why they're so taboo.


Could You Be Iron Man?

So you've been working for a while and you're feeling smarter; but are you genuis-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist smarter? Jake contemplates how possible a real-life Iron Man could be!


Is The 5-Second Rule True?

Aw no, you dropped your mid-study snack!! Game over. Or is it? We all obsess over the "5-second rule", but leave it to Vsauce to test the validity of this food-based legend. Pick up that banana and soldier on, student.



A Brief History Of Recording Ourselves

Diaries, voice memos, vlogs, and all our social media. We have so many ways to record our existence these days that it's become second nature - but what about all the people in history that have been forgotten? Kevin investigates on Vsauce2!


Why Do We Feel Nostalgia?

At some point you'll no doubt be longing for the good old days, where the biggest challenge in your education was colouring inside the lines. But how helpful is your nostalgia? There's a video for that!


Messages For The Future

Starting to worry about your future? Not just after exams are over, but in the unlikely event that the world is ending? Michael puts together the perfect way to leave your mark on the universe with a "message in a bottle" for the distant future.


Can You Genetically Enhance Yourself?

Imagine you could just instantly boost your brainpower (or run faster than Usain Bolt, but that's less helpful in a studying capacity). Would you do it? Jake discusses the how and the why!


Is Anything Real?

Already on your third existential crisis for the day? You're probably asking yourself if there's any point to all the work you're doing. Michael serves a reminder that everything around you is very much real, and how you can prove it.


How People Disappear

Okay, time to run away from all your responsibilities. But how does someone disappear in 2016, when we can track literally everything? Allow your mind to be blown with some amazing facts on disappearance...


Why Do We Laugh When Someone Falls?

So you're worried that failing will result in some serious embarrassment - we feel you. Laughing at other people's misfortune can sometimes feel like second nature - is it though? Ask Kevin!


What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?

Lastly, we know your mind drifts while studying. We've all been there. And sometimes while daydreaming, we ask ourselves the silliest yet the most philosophical questions. In Vsauce's most popular video ever, they answer one of the most impossible-to-prove questions of all time.