17 Times YouTubers Were On TV And You Never Noticed Them

31 January 2017, 17:23 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:46

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Did you ? before this article?

We know you guys love being YouTube experts, that's why we make so many quizzes to test your knowledge - but we've got brand new info for you today! We've done some serious Internet digging and found 17 times YouTubers have appeared on TV shows but not been the central focus, unlike Phil on The Weakest Link or Zoella on The Great British Bake Off.

So lets dive right in; here are the 17 times YouTubers went onto TV shows and you probably didn't even notice them.

This post is being continually updated. Let us know if you have anymore finds!


JackSepticEye (RTE News)

Jack made the local Irish news back in 2015 when one of the first Irish YouTube Creators Day's was held, alongside other YouTubers Daichi De Nola and Melanie Murphy. Watch the video and see if you can hear the salt in the news presenters voice as she tries to rationalise what a YouTuber is...


Boogie2988 (Supersize vs Superskinny)

Just two weeks before his wedding, Boogie2988 went on Channel 4's Supersize vs Superskinny show to lose weight and help with his addiction to food. After admitting that "food [was the] centre of [his] universe", Steven wanted to shift some of his 37.5 stone to help with his diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.


Grace VanderWaal (American's Got Talent)

Okay, so maybe you noticed this one a little bit. Grace literally won the 11th season of America's Got Talent back in 2016, and got her own headline show in Las Vegas! Without a doubt, this has to be one of the biggest wins for Team Internet! Congrats Grace.


Jenna Marbles (Millionaire Matchmaker)

Annoyingly we can't seem to find any video footage for this one, but back in 2015 Jenna briefly appeared in the show about a millionaire trying to help other millionaires to hook up. Jenna tried to teach two men how to interact with single women, and in it, delivered the brilliant line below...

17 times


Miranda Sings (Victorious)

This is one of our favourite spots because all the comments underneath the video are people just shouting "OMFG I DID NOT KNOW THAT WAS MIRANDA". But yes, all the way back in 2012, Miranda Sings made a brief appearance in the credits of Nickelodeon show, Victorious. As you can see from the recording below, she served her character perfectly...


Todrick Hall (American Idol)

Hands down, Todrick has one of the best first auditions in American Idol history. Back in 2010, Todrick went on the show with a song we wrote specifically for the judges asking what he needed to do for Simon Cowell to take him to Hollywood. The track must have worked because whilst he only came 15th, he made it to the final eight boys and eventually started his hugely successful YouTube channel!


Bo Burnham (Parks and Recreation)

Back in the days when Bo was only posting a couple of videos to his YouTube channel a year, he made a brief yet memorable appearance on the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation as Chipp McCapp. His 2014 cameo saw him assume the role of a world famous 17-year-old country singer with a HUGE diva problem.


Lilly Singh (Bizaardvark)

Appearing as a guest star on the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark, Lilly surprised Paige on her birthday as, well, herself! Oh, and the main two characters of the show were played by famous Viners-turned-YouTube-pranksters Jake and Logan Paul, so it was just one huge YouTuber meet-up, basically. And when you group in the fact that both Rosanna Pansino AND Thomas Sanders have been on the show as well... it makes you wonder if anyone on that IMDB doesn't have a YouTube channel.


PewDiePie (South Park)

So you may have noticed this if you're a big fan of PewDiePie himself, but for other people, seeing the loud-mouth Swedish gamer pop up in one of the most controversial cartoons of all time was crazy. The episode tackles the topic of young children choosing to watch people play videos games than play them for real, and we think Felix was proper good sport for letting the creators Matt and Trey mock him the way they did.


Glozell Green (Game Shakers)

What more does a Nick show about two kids who start up a gaming company need in their day to day running of a business? GloZell Green of course! Now, granted I didn't watch the episode myself, but from the video below it looks like all she did was freak the kids out and shout loudly... sounds about right.


Lilly Singh (Bad Moms)

Lilly Singh is one busy woman, and she's been starring in things left right and centre - including the 2016 smash movie, Bad Moms. She briefly appears as one of the concerned parents. Her killers line is about "foreigners" and it's a must watch.


Markiplier (Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything)

Markiplier, "gaming celebrity and all-round hunky guy", comes to Disney XD to host the show Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything. He introduces all the teams taking part in the International Gaming League, but he's not the only YouTuber to have appeared on the show... +10 points if you remember spotting CaptainSparklez on there!


Anna Akana (The Fosters)

For ABC Family's new show The Fosters, they were able to get Anna Akana to make a guest appearance! The episode was released back in 2013, so Anna is looking crazy young, but keep your ears peeled for the ONE line she does. We wonder if this is the role that landed her another cameo in the Marvel movie Ant Man...



Jenna Marbles (Ridiculousness)

Unfortunately, the only clip we can get of Jenna starring on TV once again this the one below, but nonetheless... she went on Ridiculousness! You mostly see Jenna laughing over people taking bad selfies, but it's one hell of a show to get onto - MTV is the dream baby.


iHasCupquake (Wipeout)

Okay, this is one of our favourite YouTuber TV spots on the whole list. Beloved YouTube gamer iHasCupquake (or Tiffany Garcia as she's referred to in the show) went on Wipeout and fell in the water one too many times. The hoops proved to be a huge problems for her... we wonder if Sonic the Hedgehog gives her scary flashbacks now!


Ryan Higa (Flight 7500)

Flight 7500 was a 2014 movie about someone from True Blood and someone from The Butterfly Effect encountering supernatural forces in their airplane as they fly from LA to Tokyo. Whilst the movie may not have got the best reviews, we highly rate Ryan Higa's 18-second cameo whilst Skyping the love-interest from Ned's Declassified Survival Guide.


Fred (iCarly)

Fred was in iCarly. There's nothing more to say on the matter other than actual Fred went on actual iCarly.



So here are the 17 times we spotted YouTubers on the TV, but if you can think of anymore, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!