So... The 2016 Shorty Award Show Kinda Sucked

12 April 2016, 15:37 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It was the longest three hours of my life.

The confetti has been swept off the floor and all those shiny crystal Shorty trophies have been taken home; but why are we still dwelling on last nights Shorty Awards?! Well, my inquisitive friend, we're still talking about one of the biggest nights on the #TeamInternet calendar because frankly, the entire evening sucked pretty damn bad.

From literally the first second, the Shortys were riddled with a nervous atmosphere that proved too much to handle as the show never turned into the explosion of energy we expected it to. Technical problems, unconfident hosts and one of the quietest audiences I've ever seen, all came together in a perfect storm to create one of the worst award ceremonies in recent memory.

It's not all terrible news though, because certain things (and people) stood out as shiny beacons of hope for the Shortys to reinvigorate the lifeless evening - unfortunately, they came too late. Now, join us as we round-up all the true winners and losers from the 2016 Shorty Awards.


The Real Winners:

Mamrie Hart as Host

From the off, Mamrie Hart was 100% true to herself. Often armed with alcohol and a script full of terrible puns, Mamrie led the show into some pretty strange directions - can we talk about that Wiz Khalifa/Kanye West battle please?! With her on-stage DJ Flula Borg and a level of bubbly excitement that never seemed to wilt, Mamrie dominated the show even though every single soul around her tried to make it crash and burn.


Roman Atwood in a clown costume

For an award ceremony about YouTubers, Viners and freaking Snapchatters, the audience felt like it flatlined all the way through - but we'll talk about that later. So thank god Roman Atwood came along to remind us all that the ceremony, and every single person in the room, was there to celebrate the most talented, unique and creative people in the digital space. Albeit right at the end of the evening, Roman injected a much needed dose of energy in the stale theatre.


The Community as a whole

Any industry event in which people clap and applaud for the 'GIF of the Year' is a community I'm happy to be a part of. In a world where digital creators and personalities are often shoved in a corner and judged by the mainstream media, it was overwhelmingly positive to see a show dedicated to applauding these people as bonafide professionals. Spoiler: No, Pizza Rat did not accept his award personally.


Al Roker and his complete lack of f**ks

When I found out that Al Roker, an American weather forecaster and author, was going to be hosting/presenting a segment of the Shorty Awards, I made the incorrect assumption that we would be terrible. In fact, he did anything but sucked. Al's observation of technology, millennials and digital media stars was INCREDIBLY on the nose and close to home, but never so negative that he got booed of the stage. He was the voice of reason we all deserved that night, and a subtle way to ground us all in reality. Afterall, we did just give an award to a rat...


The Absolute Losers:

The Audience

Honestly, the people in the audience deserved an award for being so empty and hollow. In fact, some lingering camera shots into the crowd highlighted just how many of the seats were actually totally empty. As a collective mass of funny and creative thinking people, it felt like the Event Hosts had put mannequins in front of the stage and sucked out all the energy, as not even a giggle or hoot could be heard throughout the entire show. And you know something's bad if the main talking point on Twitter is how dreadful the crowd were...


RedFoo making a tool of himself

RedFoo, that highly memorable tuft of hair from LMFAO, was welcomed onto the stage to present a couple of awards. Instead of doing what he was told, he trashed a microphone, danced around too much and totally forgot how to present the damn awards. Watching RedFoo was so painful in fact, that I wanted him to STFU and let me listen to the tumbleweed crowd again.


The Technical Department

The live-stream on YouTube kicked off nearly 10 minutes late. Sporadically throughout the show the audio would cut-out, leaving presenters to sound like literal robots. And the 'nomination reel' didn't play a single YouTube video, faltering instead to show god-awful freeze frames of unfortunate looking candidates. The production value of the Shorty Awards sucked so badly, that it made me want to go back to Media School so I could train and help them out next year.


Jackie Cruz and Alysia Reiner

The gif below was the exact moment two seemingly professional and highly-trained actresses (OINTB) completely fell apart and needed to say OUT LOUD that they were too nervous to read their cue cards properly. What followed was two minutes of painful banter whilst Jackie figured out what was going on.


So these were our highlights and lowlights of the 2016 Shorty Awards. What did YOU think of the ceremony? Let us know in the comments!