These RIDICULOUS Beauty Trends Are Going Viral

3 January 2017, 14:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Things just got crazy!

After our article about the beauty trends that need to stay in 2016 divided a whole lot of you, we thought we'd look ahead to this year and pinpoint the beauty phenomena that will be taking the Internet by storm in 2017. From the silly challenges we're expecting to go viral to the work-of-art style makeup and bold colours which we'll all be wearing, these are the trends you need to know about now.

As usual, we're all for people expressing themselves exactly how they want to and wearing, acting and defining themselves by whichever way they see fit so take everything we say with a pinch of salt.

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The Nutella Face Mask

We're constantly seeking the secret to good skin and whilst we have a few Holy Grail products, Nutella is not one of them and nor will it ever be. But according to a bunch of beauty vloggers, cocoa powder with milk, honey and gelatin is good for your face and can help breakouts. We're yet to be convinced. This trend has been around for a while but Instagram star Makeupholic_Moon recently shared her "recipe" and saw it make global headlines.


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Brows are going nowhere and sadly, if society has anything to do with it, we're going to have to put in even more effort. Forget the brow pencil and a bit of clear gel, we're all going to be microblading soon. Microblading isn't quite as painful as it sounds but is a semi-permanent treatment which uses a microblading pen to draw eyebrow hair strokes on one by one and takes around two hours to complete.

We ain't got time for that.


Coloured Brows

Speaking of brows, we're so not down with dying them every shade under the rainbow. Maybe we're old school but wtf happened to natural brows?!


Yellow Everything

We're all about bold colours and we're excited to see 2017 signal the return of cobalt blue tones. However, one shade we'll be staying clear of is yellow which almost never works on pale complexions. We love it, we're just one of the unfortunate ones who can't style it out unlike the gorgeous Briana Marie.


Sprinkles As Makeup

Sure, they'd be yummy to eat off your lips but on your eyes?! YouTube, you're drunk- go home.


Extreme Blush

Do you know who Aunt Sally is? No? Well, let us inform you because she's the woman you'll look like if you go out on the streets wearing this trend. Aunt Sally is a character from a British TV show way, way before most of us were born. The major part of Aunt Sally's look was a f*ck ton of blush. Moral of the story; don't go out looking like Aunt Sally.

On the catwalk and in editorial shoots, this looks amazing but not so much IRL.


Of course, if you love these looks then go for it- creativity is what makes the world go round, afterall!