9 New Year's Resolutions You Damn Well Owe To Yourself

30 December 2016, 17:24 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Because we really are worth it.

At the time of writing we're in "Twixmas"- that bit between Christmas and new year where we have no idea what day it is or what we're supposed to be doing with our lives. Chocolate and a cheese board is still acceptable for breakfast but, on the other hand, we're being bombarded with fitness DVD adverts and starting to miss wearing real clothes instead of loungewear.

It's at this point we start thinking ahead to our resolutions and what we want to change in the new year. However, as most of us will know, we often fail by the end of January and admit that we never wanted to kick our two-packets-of-Malteasers-a-day habit anyway.

However, there is something to be said about making small changes and using the new year to become the best you possible. Here we've listed nine resolutions you need to make to yourself because you're amazing and you need to tell yourself that a lot more.

Look After Your Sexual Health

We know the thought of going to a sexual health clinic can be scary (stirrups, for God's sake!) but it's important. If you have been or are currently sexually active, swallow your pride and get an STI check up. Doctors literally see hundreds of, er, bits every day and yours are no different. Trust us, it's one of the most empowering and respectful things you can do for yourself.


F*ck The Trolls (Not Literally)

Whether it's one comment or two thousand, you do not need negative comments in your life from people who don't know you. It could be a Twitter troll, someone who comments on your blog or a toxic Facebook friend, learn how to say goodbye to them and block them. Carrie Hope Fletcher discusses why it's perfectly OK to block people and why it's healthy for you.


Call People The Hell Out

Ariana Grande recently took to Twitter to call out a man who made disgusting sexual comments about her, in front of her. Calling out racism, sexism, homophobia and everything inbetween is one of the best things you can learn to do.


Turn Off Social Media

Yes, really. We're so used to putting everything online and being presented with the idea of the "perfect" relationship, body, lifestyle and career that it's hard to see just how filtered and fake social media is. Log off for a little while and embrace the freedom it brings mentally.


Acknowledge Your Mental Health

We know that the majority of people do not suffer with mental health problems (according to stats, anyway) but just because you haven't been diagnosed with an illness or suffer from a condition doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking after your own mind. Take time out to acknowledge your feelings and your mental state.

We all get stressed or feel anxious at points in our lives, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Find your balance and know when you need to seek help and understand when the storm will pass and it's just a mixture of life stress/hormones/feeling sad because your fave hasn't uploaded this week.

And if you do need help, don't be afraid to seek it out. You are worth it.


Find A Hobby

And, sadly, we don't just mean watching YouTube videos. Whether it's yoga, calligraphy, baking or even starting your own YouTube channel, finding and taking up a hobby does wonders for your mental health and can open up an entire new social circle.

Us? We'll be giving brush lettering a go and reckon it'll be the trend du jour in 2017.


Burst Your Filter Bubble

We're all guilty of staying in a comfortable bubble when it comes to everything from news content to YouTube channels but by reading a different newspaper, subscribing to some new creators or actively hearing out arguments from opposing sides, you're likely to become a more well rounded and educated person.

Still unsure on the concept of the filter bubble? This vidoe explains all.


Stay Informed

On a similar note to bursting your filter bubble, keep up to date with world issues. We know the world can be overwhelming but by setting just an hour aside each week to understand world news, Aleppo for example, will strengthen your political views and give you a greater understanding of just why things are making headline news and what you can do to help if you so desire.

John and Hank Green make brilliant videos explaining key world issues including the US election, Syria and North Korea.



Whether it's shelves filled with books you have no intention of reading, old school work that you don't need or a huge makeup collection that is gathering dust, having regular decluttering sessions will not only make your living space cleaner but is proven to improve your mental health.


Now head into the new year knowing you are worth it and you're going to be amazing!