25 Pun Tweets That Will Make You Say 'Goddammit' Out Loud

12 July 2017, 16:02 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

pun tweets

By Benedict Townsend

Literally just the 25 best pun tweets we could find on the internet. Just quality wordplay from beginning to end - a five star experience.

As much as we all love Twitter for its arguments and targeted harassment, it's also home to some of the most infuriatingly good forms of wordplay the world has ever seen. We've rounded up a whole bunch of the best pun-tastic jokes ever committed to the internet's foremost bird-based social network. Enjoy:

1. Goddammit Josh

2. Goddammit Julian

3. Goddammit Steven

4. Goddammit Nick

5. Goddammit Terry

6. Goddammit James

7. Goddammit Dan

8. Goddammit Fred

9. Goddammit Ollie

10. Goddammit Aparna

11. Goddammit Jonny

13. Goddammit Scriblit

14. Goddammit Jake

15. Goddammit Greenis

16. Actually kind of a good idea, Guy

17. Goddammit Todd

18. Goddammit Michael

19. Nice

20. Goddammit Velvet

21. Goddammit Mike

22. Goddammit Patricia

23. Goddammit Mustard


24. Goddammit Josh (again)

25. Goddammit Michael (again)

26. Goddammit Line Art

27. Goddammit Jonny (again)


Which puns are your favourite? How many times did you pound your desk in hilarious fury? Let us know in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page.