5 American Horror Story Makeup Tutorials To Help You Get Your Freak On

13 November 2015, 12:02 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

There's Never A Bad Time To Have A Skull For A Face

If you're like us, then when you're not fleeing from a mysterious figure covered head-to-tie in a black rubber suit, you're on YouTube trying to find new ways to use your sweet, sweet face as a sweet, sweet artistic canvas. We've scoured the net to find you the best AHS makeup tutorials currently haunting the world wide web:


1. Get The Iconic Black And White AHS Look

You may say: "Hey, wouldn't it have been better to release this article before halloween?" Yes. Yes it would. Anyway enjoy the first video:


2. Tate Langdon Skull Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to recreate the lovely, cuddly Tate's skull-face look. This is one of a few such tutorials on YouTube, but we watched 'em all and this was our favourite!


3. Freak Show Circus Makeup

Things have been pretty spooky so far (2 spooky, you might say), so let's ease things up a bit with some stylish clown makeup from American Horror Story: Freak Show:


4. The Countess (aka Lady Gaga)

This video gives you three (what a bargain!) looks inspired by Gaga's character on the show:


5. Look Like Taissa Farmiga

This one caught our interest because it's not character makeup, it's actress makeup. Whether or not this is something you want to try yourself, this video is fascinating to watch, just to see the makeup completely transform what this YouTuber looks like:


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