5 Harry Potter Tutorials To Avada Kedavra Your Halloween Game

28 October 2015, 14:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Nessa Dinneen

Wingardium Leviosa b*tches

The films may have ended over 4 years ago and the books over 8 years ago (*sob*) but if you're like us at We The Unicorns HQ, you never let the magic die.

It's tiring being muggles all year round but we feel Halloween is a socially acceptable time to dress up like the witches and wizards we were born to be. (Still raging over the Hogwarts letter that mysteriously went mysteriously  tbh)

So if you're thinking of going back to Hogwarts this Halloween, you need to take a look at some of these amazing HP tutorials that will obliviate your minds...


1). Bellatrix Lestrange 

If you haven't come across her before, Brizzy's channel is well worth checking out. As well as having a knack for impersonating cartoons, she has countless costume and make-up tutorial videos that are super doable and won't break the bank. We also immensley appreciate her doing the entirety of this tutorial in the character of Bellatrix - it really helps!


2). Voldemort 

Every Bellatrix needs a Dark Lord/master/liege etc;. And SFX artist PinkStylist has one of the most in-depth and detailed Voldemort make-up tutorials you can find! He also managed to fully conceal his nose which, in our humble opinion, is the most impressive feat of all.


3). Professor Trelawney

Got a crystal ball? A patterned scarf? Over-sized glasses that make you resemble a stick insect? An inner eye that lets you see iNTO THE FUTURE? Then we know what you're being for Halloween this year.


4). Death Eater Mask

You might have seen a few tutorials for making your own Death Eater mask but did you ever consider just painting it on instead? It certainly makes breathing easier anyway. It also gives you to chance to work on your doodling game and Ashlea Henson makes it look really easy. Bonus if you have a Dark Mark tattoo on your forearm to know when the Dark Lord is summoning you.


5). Hermione "Mudblood" Tutorial 

Thinking of dressing up as Hermione this year? You may have the basics down with the frizzy hair and Gryffindor colours, but how about you add this really cool effect? Karla Medina shows you how to to do the horrific "Mudblood" scar Hermione obtains from Bellatrix Lestrange at the Malfoy Manor. You could also use this super cool technique to write "I Must Not Tell Lies" on your hands after a dodgy round of detentions with Umbridge.