5 Lifestyle Videos You Missed This Weekend

10 August 2015, 12:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Colleagues chatting about that Essie Button video? Friends Whatsapping you about your opinion on Dina Tokio's Friday night upload? Consider us your Unicorns In Shining Armour, we're here to give you a dose of the videos you missed this weekend. 

July Book Haul / Books And Quills

Book vlogger Sanne whips up another one of her monthly book hauls that make us want to sit in a corner and read for hours upon hours. Focussing on YA novels, Sanne's channel is a must for everyone wanting a beach read to those who can easily manage one book per day. We won't spoil the contents of this video but, put it this way, we're off to get the latest Judy Blume book at lunchtime. 

My Foundation Routine / Bamblings of Naffy 

Mancunian Nafisah is the woman behind Bamblings of Naffy, a lifestyle channel mixed with a bit of beauty and a lot of motivation. She may have only just reached 200 subscribers but Nafisah is set for big things having been asked to do a social media takeover for the Muslim Life Expo earlier this month. Her foundation routine addresses which brands offer the best colour ranges for Asian and deeper skin tones and the products to avoid if you have dehydrated skin. 

Baking With Jim / Jim Chapman 

We basically live for two things- The Internet and sweet treats. So when you combine them, life is gold. Speaking of gold, Jim's baking video is all about millionaire shortbread which is basically gooey caramel goodness. Thinking about starting a diet today? Think again. Go home, watch this, post us the results. Thanks.

My Topshop Lipstick Collection / Spruce News

If, like us, you'll fall in love with a lipstick and splash out only to find it looks horrendous on you when you're not under the bright lights of Boots then you'll love these swatch-based videos. Roxanne Chand takes us through her carefully curated collection of Topshop lipsticks and shows us what they look like on her (stunning AF) olive skin tone. If you haven't thought of hitting Topshop for beauty products, make sure you stay to end for Roxanne's review. 

Sister Goals 5 Dubsmash / Jasmine Ane

Surprise! Sisters Sophie and Jasmine released their latest Dubsmash collection and all we can say is... NAILED. IT. 10 points to Mum and Dad, too.