5 Simple Tips To Instantly Improve Your Vlogging Game

3 July 2007, 16:06 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39


By Liam Dryden

Want to kick off your YouTube career but have no idea where to begin? Here are just 5 of the easiest and most important vlogging tips to get you started.

So we've discussed at length how to get started on your vlogging channel; because there are a lot of steps that people forget (or just don't know about) before they start. And with more and more people getting into YouTube as a career, it's important to always bring your A-game.

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So to help you kick things off with a bang, we've partnered with Impulse to boil down all of our years of experience and know-how into 5 super-easy tips. With these things in mind, you'll be ready to rise above every other would-be YouTube star, and well on your road to internet success.

Read our 5 simple vlogging tips below...

1. Don't be afraid to have notes.

There's a weird taboo about vlogging that suggests YouTubers need to be able to think and speak off the top of their head; but the truth is, almost everybody has some form of script written before they turn on the camera. Not only does it give you a clear direction for your video - but it also saves you a bunch of recording time.

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You don't have to write a Shakespearean epic before filming - as long as you have a couple of notes jotted down with some talking points, you should be all set.


2. Get a tripod.

A tripod is more than a piece of kit - it's a state of mind. So many of your YouTube faves will have started their channels using a webcam, or a camera sitting on a pile of books; but once you graduate to a tripod, that's when you start feeling like a real creator.

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Tripods are probably the most affordable piece of filming gear you can find; and not only do they guarantee stability and continuity in your videos, they come with that bonus professional-filmmaker-feel-good sensation that you crave.


3. Stop looking at the viewfinder.

You can always, always spot which YouTubers are more into being seen and loved than actually making cool stuff; because they can't stop looking at themselves while filming. A lot of modern DSLR cameras that creators use come with a flip-out screen (or 'viewfinder'), that you can look at while recording; but this means that some people can get easily distracted by their own faces.

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While you might not think it's very noticeable, it totally is; especially if you forget to look at the lens at all. So please talk into the lens. It's just an inch to the left. Your hair looks fine. Promise.


4. Jump cuts are your friend.

When it comes to editing, it's hard to know what to keep in and take out; especially if you're aiming for a shorter, punchier video. For this, there's the use of jump cuts; the most reliable weapon of every YouTuber's arsenal. A jump cut is when you edit out any awkward pauses or silence in between sentences; turning your video into a lively ongoing stream of consciousness with no dead space.

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To get started on the basics of jump cuts, try just cutting out any time you say "um" or have a long pause in between thoughts. It takes a little bit of practise, but before you know it your videos will be as energetic and fun as all your YouTube faves.


5. Make thumbnails!

There's one thing that a lot of new and upcoming creators forget about posting their videos; and that's making the whole thing look as eye-catching as possible in people's Subscriptions. The thumbnail of a video is going to be every potential viewer's first impression; so it's worth a bit of extra work in Photoshop or a similar app to make it look great.

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Have a look at what some other YouTubers are doing in their thumbnails to see what fits you. Adding text (like a shortened version of the title), colour filters and blurring the background are just a few of the popular methods. But two things to remember:

  1. Don't make the picture too busy. The preview will be small, so make sure people can see it.
  2. Don't make it misleading. Something that doesn't reflect the video can result in it being removed.

You're all set!

As long as you remember these 5 tips every time you plan your next video, you'll be head and shoulders above the competition. We can't wait to see what you share with the world!

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