The 50 Best YouTube Videos Of ALL TIME

26 October 2016, 11:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Did you YouTuber fave make the list? Find out right here, in our comprehensive list of the 50 best YouTube videos of all time!

We noticed that music fans and film fans are always ranking their favourite songs and movies (and then arguing about the rankings) and we thought 'why can't YouTube fans get in on the fun?' So here it is, a list of the 50 greatest YouTube videos of all time.

Now,  before we dive in, let's just clear some things up. This list is really just intended to celebrate all 50 of the videos - one video being placed higher or lower than another doesn't really mean it's 'better' or 'worse', it's just a fun way of presenting things.

Also, if we have missed your favourite video (which, statistically, we almost certainly have), then we apologise but obviously it's logistically impossible to get all the faves in here, so don't be super surprised if it happens. However if there's an awesome video that didn't make it onto the list please comment it on our Facebook page to help others see it! We want to spread awesome videos around as much as possible (that's like, our whole deal). Anyway, without much further ado, here's our list!


50. RickRoll

Listen, we all know what this video is, there's no need to linger on it too long - but - as irritating as this video has been for longer than we all care to remember, there's no denying that it has a special place in the online history books. We won't force you to watch it again, so instead here's a video of a dog that talks like a human.



This YouTuber truly lives up to her name. She may be relatively new on the YouTube scene but Coll is Cool and thus has earned herself a place on our list. As her YouTube star continues to ascend, don't be surprised if she creates a video that appears further along in the list. In the meantime, watch this incredible parody of fandoms. Click here to watch.

48. How To Basic (In General)

If you haven't experienced the magic(?) of How To Basic we don't really want to ruin things for you, so perhaps you should stop reading and quickly go watch a video (we'll wait). Those of you who have seen the videos produced by this faceless fiend will understand why we think he's one of the most unique YouTubers to ever arrive on the scene - and arguably the first proper sh*tposter to grace the 'Tubes. Click here to watch.

47. Chocolate Rain (Tay Zonday)

Remember this silly song? The fun silly song that we all thought was wacky and silly? Well we recently googled the lyrics and it turns out the song is actually very explicitly and poignantly about racism - so there's that. It's a catchy-as-hell song for the ages and yeah, turns out it's got a meaning behind it too. Good stuff. Click here to watch.

46. The Evolution Of Dance (Judson Laipply)

This video is notable for more than just being endlessly watchable - it was also one of the first viral videos that revolved around someone actively doing something, rather than just capturing something weird on camera. Instead of a screaming goat or a sneezing panda, it was someone who had created what we now all delightfully refer to as 'content'. Click here to watch.

45. Charlie Bit My Finger (HDCYT)

Okay, look - we know that everyone is sick of this video, but it was once the most viewed video of all time and it was one of the very first truly viral videos, so it deserves a place here for the sake of history. Click here to watch.

44. Jesus Christ In Richmond Park

FENTON! FENTON! FENTOOOOOON! If you haven't seen this beautiful bit of canine nonsense, change that right now. Click here to watch.

43. 99 Red Balloons - played with red balloons (Andrew Huang)

It's exactly what it sounds like and it's awesome. 4 million views can't be wrong! Click here to watch.

42. How Animals Eat Their Food

This video is so dumb. So, so dumb - and so good. Click here to watch.

41. We Got A Puppy! (Tanya Burr)

40. Potter Puppet Pals (Neil Cicierega)

What is that Mysterious Ticking Noise? We'll tell you what it is - it's the sound of an absolutely brilliant YouTube video! It's a testament to how funny this damn video is that we can watch it today, nearly a full decade after it was released and still laugh like crazy.

39. SAIL - AWOLNATION (Unofficial Video) (Nanalew)

This amazing fake video for the song 'Sail' is so iconic that it's still closely associated with the nautical banger to this very day. It's really well shot and very funny - take a look! Click here to watch.

38. Jacob (The Fedora)

Regal Joe is relatively new to the YouTube scene, but he's already making waves with his uniquely hilarious ability to create and inhibit original comedy characters. Jacob is one of his greatest creations and never stops being terrifyingly accurate. Click here to watch.

37. Bite Me (TomSka)

Tom and his team make what may well be the most professionally-produced comedy sketches on all of YouTube. They are also really, really funny. This video (which features fellow list-member Chris Kendall) is really, really funny. It's funny. Watch it (because it's funny). Click here to watch.

36. JUST GIRLY THINGS (Emma Blackery)

When we reached out to our readers, asking them to suggest their favourite videos of all time, this video popped up time and time again. To be honest with you, we can totally see why: it's a perfect example of Emma's dry yet relatable sense of humour. Click here to watch.

35. GTA Pacifist (GoldVision)

GoldVision is one of the best new gaming YouTubers out there. He takes a refreshingly different approach to gaming content, creating videos that are beautifully shot, hilarious and always strangely poignant. His GTA Pacifist series is a great example of the kind of original angles he takes in his creations. The series follows his adventures as he tries to play GTA Online as a total pacifist (never committing any acts of violence). It sounds silly - and it is - but it's also often bizarrely touching. Click here to watch.

34. Bike Lanes (Casey Neistat)

Casey is known for his carefully constructed and often thought-provoking videos - and this is no exception. It was one of his first big viral hits (although by no means his last) and boasts the ever-perfect combo of being both hilarious and having a message. Click here to watch.

33. Why Can't I Be A Disney Princess (Carrie Hope Fletcher)

Carrie shows off her signature pipes and cheeky sense of humour in this catchy little number. It's a great example of why she has taken the world of YouTube (and the stage) by storm. Click here to watch.

32. Signs A Guy Doesn't Like You (Connor Franta)

Can't beat a bit of Franta and this uber-popular video will show you exactly why. Click here to watch.

31. She - original song (Dodie Clark)

Dodie has tons of awesome videos where she performs both unique covers and beautifully-penned original songs. Of all of her songs, 'She' may be the one that stands out the most, just in terms of being most able to utterly stun a crowd (something we saw for ourselves at Summer In The City). It's raw, it's honest and it's sweet. Click here to watch.

30. Lives Changed Forever! (SacconeJolys)

The Saccone-Jolys have revolutionsied what it means to be a daily vlogger by offering unprecedented access into the day to day lives of their family. Like any family they have their ups and downs, but their adoring audience is with them every step of the way. This video is one of the most magical episodes of their lives that they've ever shared.


29. Let's Talk About Sex (Troye Sivan)

Troye is now of course most well known for his fantastically successful music career but before he graced the worlds arenas he was a YouTuber making videos in his bedroom. Some of his best videos deal with serious, educational topics - like this excellent sex education video. Click here to watch.

28. You Look Disgusting (Em Ford)

"Three months ago, I began posting images of myself without makeup on social media. The following film contains real comments that were left on images of my face." - That's the description under Em Ford's uber-viral video, though no words can really do justice to the effect it has on the viewer. It's an uncomfortable viewing experience, but a necessary one. Click here to watch.

27. Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out) (Ingrid Nilsen)

It took an unbelievable amount of strength for Ingrid to make and release this video revealing the truth about her sexuality. The emotional strain is clear throughout, but she powers through and creates one of the most lauded and important videos in the history of YouTube. Click here to watch.

26. Let's Play – WWE '13 (Rooster Teeth)

The WWE (wrestling) video games have some very in-depth character creators, which allows players to create truly horrifying custom wrestlers. That is precisely what the Rooster Teeth did here, with incredible results. This video is too damn funny. Click here to watch.

25. My Drunk Pumpkin - (Hannah Hart)

Truly you'd be hard pressed to find a better example of what makes 'the trinity' so beloved. This iconic video is pure hilarity - because at the end of the day there is nothing like watching three very funny best friends getting ludicrously drunk and going off the rails together.  Click here to watch.


PJ is one of the most creative YouTubers working today (and pretty much always has been) and this video is a beautiful example of that. He is the king of doing more with less - expertly creating magical visuals using simple homemade sets and effects. It's arts and crafts to the beautiful max.  Click here to watch.

23. Hi, I'm a Slut: A Slam Poem (Savannah Brown)

Savannah's videos don't mess around - and sometimes that's exactly what you want, particularly when you're dealing with the kinds of issues she tends to tackle. This slam poem has been lauded for its frankness, honesty and for Savannah's unapologetic approach to daring to live her life as a woman. Amber Rose also featured this poem on her Instagram and subsequently invited Sav out to her 'SlutWalk' in LA to perform it as part of the event.  Click here to watch.

22. Finishing With SprinkleOfGlitter

This was one of the most important YouTube (and YouTuber) videos ever produced. It was the moment a beloved creator decided to take a risk in order to make their videos more honest and real. It took guts and thankfully, it paid off. Click here to watch.


We have been championing Nathan Zed for almost as long as We The Unicorns has existed and the reasons for it are simple: he's hilarious, he's smart and oh yeah, he's hilarious. This video really speaks to what makes Nathan the YouTube star of tomorrow through it's combination of top notch humour and a legitimate message - yes, he's adeptly roasting Nash and his pals, but he's doing it for a genuinely serious and positive reason. Nice job, Nathan. Click here to watch.

20. Bounce ft. Timothy Delaghetto (Jus Reign)

This video is arguably perfect - and by 'arguably' we mean it is perfect. It's perfect. It's so zen and peaceful yet so damn funny. It's a masterpiece, just behold:


Shane truly has to be praised for his ability to stay both relevant and entertaining despite being one of the oldest YouTubers on the site (in terms of career not age lol). He's a YouTube veteran and he's still producing the goods. This video is no exception. Click here to watch.

18. Where My Baes At? (MirandaSings)

Miranda is legendary for her world-class singing voice and internationally-recognised humility. Here's an example of this songstress at her very best: Click here to watch.

17. Amazing YouTuber Impressions - ThatcherJoe

Joe Sugg is one of the most popular YouTubers on the ol' YouTubes and here on Unicorns - and with good reason. Joe is extremely likeable and always a good laugh. He also has an uncanny ability for impressions, as shown here in his YouTuber impression showcase. Click here to watch.

16. Happy Wheels - Part 1 (JackSepticEye)

Jack's Happy Wheels series is arguably what put this cheeky Irish chappy on the map. Viewers fell in love with his high-energy approach to this insane game and the characters he developed as it progressed. Click here to watch.

15. After Ever After - DISNEY Parody - Jon Cozart

The Unicorns team had the pleasure of watching Jon perform this song live at Summer In The City 2016,  and to say that the audience were utterly entranced would be the understatement of century. Jon is capable of fantastic parody and biting satire, but let's not forget that the dude has also got some crazy-good pipes. Click here to watch.

14. What Colour Is A Mirror? (Vsauce)

Vsauce is still the leader of the pack when it comes to info-tainment on YouTube. Michael's videos are meticulously researched, often really funny and have an uncanny ability to leave you feeling shaken up, in the best possible way. Click here to watch - but beware, you can never watch just one Vsauce video.

13. Markiplier: FNAF 1

Markiplier is one of the most popular YouTubers on our site - you guys just go crazy for him. His Five Nights At Freddy's series is legendary - and this is where it all began. Click here to watch.

12. Whispering Awkward Pickup Lines (Tyler Oakley)

Tyler is hilarious, Connor is always a delight - so the two of them together? It's the recipe for a ludicrously entertaining video! Click here to watch.

11. The Illuminati is Real! – Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa, who spent a significant portion of YouTube history as the number one YouTuber in the world (before the Age Of Pewdz) has created a bucketload of incredible videos. We were having a hard time choosing which of his videos to select to represent his comedy stylings, but luckily one of our readers suggested this video and we thought it was a great choice! Click here to watch.

 10. Chrios Kendallas- Chris Kendall

Here at Unicorns we are unashamed Chris Kendall stans, so when it came time to pick one video that represents his particular brand of lunacy, it proved pretty damn hard to narrow things down. In the end we went with this telenovela because it will make you laugh, cry and applaud - often simultaneously. It is truly a masterpiece:


Smosh are cool and awesome and good. They've been on YouTube for a good few years but they're still knocking it outta the park. This classic series is a fantastic example of the kind of magic these two best friends create on an almost daily basis. Click here to watch.

08. Superman With A GoPro

CorridorDigital have created some utterly spectacular videos over the years thanks to their frighteningly skilful mastery of special effects programs. The quality of their output is so high that it's hard to believe that these videos are produced by a group of YouTubers and not an entire Hollywood studio. Of all their videos, though, Superman With A GoPro stands out to us as the best. It's stunning, it's fun, it's uplifting and it's honestly better than a lot of actual, multi-million dollar superhero films. It's just awesome. Click here to watch.

07. Duet with myself (Charlieissocoollike)

Compared to the special effects bonanzas that are common on YouTube these days (see number 8), this video may seem rather unimpressive - but you need to understand, when it was first released back in 2009, it was genuinely ground-breaking. It changed the public perception of what a YouTube video could be - something that Charlie has done since the beginning of his YouTube career and continues to do to this day. Click here to watch.

06. Dog Of Wisdom (Joe Gran)

We have been very nice about the previous videos on this list, but none of them hold a candle to this, the greatest YouTube video ever made. The Top 5 videos in this list will be a little bit different from the rest of the list (spoiler alert). so this is the last video that we have chosen - and boy oh boy is it a stone cold classic:

Now things get interesting...

We can already hear you clamouring at our gates, screaming but that a certain video should be higher or lower in the list goddammit, but we have some small consolation for you: the top five is all up to you. That's right, the list is in your hands now, pals. We have a poll below where you can vote for your ultimate video out of a group of five. The way you vote will ultimately determine what the top five videos are - so use your vote wisely!