7 Weird Makeup Trends That Prove YouTubers Had Too Much Spare Time In 2017

21 November 2017, 14:16 | Updated: 21 November 2017, 14:32

2017 Weird Beauty Trends
2017's Weirdest Beauty Trends. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

2017 has been WILD for Beauty YouTube. To celebrate, here are all the makeup trends that made us say WTF this year.

Every year, the online beauty community cooks up a new batch of makeup trends to amaze and inspire us. But for every great idea, there is another so ridiculous that it's hard to not feel like there's a conspiracy to make us all look foolish as we try to stick dream-catchers on our eyelids or braid our eyebrows.

Whether you like to try them out for yourself or not, weird makeup trends help keep the online beauty community vibrant. And as the end of 2017 draws near, it's time to take a look back at, and celebrate, the weirdest beauty and makeup trends to grace our screens this year.

1. Feathered brows

While 2016 was all about heavy, stencilled brows, 2017 brought in a new school of thought that aimed to do the very opposite. Enter "feathered brows," which essentially means back-combing your brows with a mascara brush until they're as far from stencilled and heavy as possible. It sure is... different.

2. Wavy makeup

Speaking of eyebrows - d'you remember when everyone took leave of their senses for a while and started drawing on wavy brows? With the power to make anyone look like a super-villain from a 90s fantasy cartoon, wavy eyebrows suited nobody and were quickly consigned to the viral beauty trend bin - but not before they'd inspired several misguided spin-offs, including wavy eyeliner and wavy lips.

Seriously, there was no need for any of it.

3. Pom-pom embellishments

Did everybody have too much to drink in 2017? For a couple of weird months this year, online makeup gurus decided to make their faces look like the unkempt floor of a haberdashery by gluing these little, fluffy conjunctivitis farms all over their eyes and cheeks. To be fair, when done with a little restraint the look was pretty striking, albeit completely impractical; however the vast majority of attempts wound up looking completely ridiculous.

4. Fake tears

With the general mood of 2017 & 16 being one of sadness and fear in response to certain political changes, it was no surprise that makeup artists would find a way to express that in their beauty looks. And so, fake tears - usually created with drips of glitter - began to trend. When done right, this trend had a poignant and pretty beautiful effect. But when taken too far, it sort of looked like a unicorn had taken a leak on your face. And nobody wants that.

5. Putting makeup on with weird crap

In 2017 we all decided that makeup sponges and blenders were just too darn pedestrian, and developed some utterly bizarre alternatives as a result. Condoms and tampons quickly became popular choices for beauty YouTubers looking to switch things up, before fidget spinners, sweet peppers and even testicles all had their moment in the sun as alternate beauty applicators. 2017 has really been a trip.

6. Lollipop lips

The intended effect of Lollipop lips, allegedly, was to give the impression that the wearer had just eaten a month's supply of candy in one sitting. Unfortunately the trend actually left those who gave it a go looking like they were recovering from an allergic reaction.

7. Glitter boobs

No shade at glitter boobs, these legitimately look beautiful. It's like festival hun chic on steroids, but without the cultural appropriation. Winner.