7 YouTuber 'Coming Out' Videos That Are Inspiring For Everyone

30 October 2015, 16:12 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

There won't be a dry eye in the house

Have you ever seen a video where someone admits that they're straight? Us neither. That's because being straight isn't a big deal. But here's the thing - neither is being LGBTQ+. Yet members of the LGBTQ+ community face a stressful experience - with the very real possibility of backlash - just from admitting who they are.

Some YouTubers have taken that fear and turned into courage, allowing them to produce defiant 'Coming Out' videos that explain why they're not ashamed of their sexuality. Regardless of who you are, we guarantee that you'll be inspired by the bravery shown in these videos.

1. Ingrid Nilsen

"It's time for me to give myself my best chance."

YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen seems overjoyed and relieved to finally discuss her sexuality with her viewers.

2. Connor Franta

"This whole thing that I had built up inside me to be a huge deal for 22 years ... wasn't"

Connor delivers his news in an emotional, unscripted, straight-from-the-heart monologue. Warning: it's hard not to shed a tear when he get choked up.

3. Troye Sivan

"This is not something I'm ashamed of and it's not something that anyone should be ashamed of."

Troye is known for having released a 'Coming Out' video when he was just 15 and was widely applauded for his bravery and confidence. Shout-out to Troye's parents for being so supportive!

4. Joey Graceffa

"I love how supportive the comments are"

Following his music video for Don't Wait in which he kissed a guy, Joey Graceffa formally came out to his YouTube audience in May 2015 with an emotional but cheerful video that defied his haters.

5. The Rhodes Twins 

"It's what it is, you're living your lives."

In a rather unique example of a coming out video, both of the Rhodes Twins came out to their audience and their dad in one video in January 2015. If you think it's hard not to cry watching one person come out - you're going to have real trouble with two at once. The twins visibly struggle with the revelation but power through and are rewarded with love and encouragement from their father.

6. OliverVlogss

Possibly one of the sweetest videos you will ever see - and proof that discrimination is a learned behaviour, not an innate one.

7. Dodie

This isn't Dodie's actual coming out video, but it is a celebration of coming out - and it's a bop!

So there we have it: 5 videos that show that while coming out is sadly still an immensely difficult thing, that doesn't mean that members of the LGBTQ+ community let that stop them embracing who they are.