8 Videos That Prove You're In The Weird Part Of YouTube

28 October 2015, 18:00 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

A Place Where Weird Is Normal And Normal Is Weird

YouTube, delightful YouTube. It's the home of internet joy. You can see all kinds of videos on YouTube... ALL KINDS - and that means that sometimes your nights of endless clicking will lead you to a place you never thought you'd reach. Here are 8 videos that prove you've reached the deep depths of Weird YouTube.


1. 'Dog Getting A Head Massage Relaxing'

Adorable? Definitely. Weird AF? Without a doubt. Maybe it's the KPop in the background or maybe it's the newspaper blanket, but this right here - this belongs in the weird part of YouTube. (The song is by Loco by the way, in case you were wondering.)


2. Legendary Pinecone Kick Of Epicness

In what may be, nay, IS the greatest video of all time, a young hero kicks a pinecone and then walks away. 10/10 would watch again. Just listen to that soundtrack!



3. Turkish Man Yelling 'Meow' at an egg

Yep. Speaks for itself, really.


3. Lady Gaga With Jim Carrey's Face Is A No From Us

Sorry for bringing this into your life.

Something sure went wrong with that poker face.


4. Some guys in Traditional German Dress Playing Music And Making Bird Calls

And look! Someone took the clip and looped it so that the video is an hour long! Fantastic!

Hey YouTube: YA WEIRD.


5. David Hasselhoff Strolling Along A Beach Singing A Song In German

Judging by his outfit, he also seems to be on his way to some kind of seaside karate class.


6. A Bin Being Fed Paper - Because Honestly Why Not At This Point

The description of the video says that it's pointless and we think it really lives up to that promise, so ... good job?


7. Banana Man Is What He Is And You Should Accept That

Some people are just made partially of bananas - and you know what? That's fine. Nothing weird about it at all.

Good for you, dude. You just keep doing you - and also please never come near me.


8. Automatic Ketchup Robots Are Useless

You've got to hand it to these ketchup robots: they really try their best, but instead of a nice, freshly sauced dawg we end up with a hilarious pile of nonsense. Enjoy.


Weird YouTube, you've done it again!

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