7 Vines You Didn't Know Were Based On Books

9 April 2018, 16:15 | Updated: 9 April 2018, 16:24

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

You claim to be a Vine fan, but have you even read the original books?

Everybody loves a good Vine, but there are plenty of fake fans out there - fans who don't understand where Vines truly come from. Today we're giving you a crash course in the books that inspired some of your favourite Vines, so you don't get caught out at your next Vine Discussion Party.

1. A Brother's Betrayal

By Paira Twinns

First published: July 1940

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Featured extract:

I opened my diary to a fresh page and began to write. I recounted my entire day, from the moment I arose from my bed, to the moment I had my dinner. I tried to focus on the moments that had brought me joy, but one incident kept floating before my mind's eye like a nefarious spectre: the moment my own brother had betrayed me.

A tear hit the diary page as visions of sabotaged smoke flooded my mind.

I knew then, I would have my revenge.

2. What Day Is It, My Dudes?

By Peter Parker

First published: January 1990

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Featured extract:

It burned within him - an ever-present need to find an answer to the question that had confounded him since birth. What day was it? Why could no-one tell him? Why did the Elders seek to keep this knowledge from him?

The sound of a snapping twig caught his attention. Someone had been following him.

Allen wheeled around and found himself face to face with a curious figure.

"Hello?" Allen called, nervously.

The stranger adjusted the swimming goggles that sat tightly against his eyes.

"Hello, my dude", the young man said, "I have come because I have the answers you seek."

3. A Quarrel With Kyle

By Steph Teffuccup

First published: April 1976

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Featured extract:

It was late and the mood had turned sour. One boy, whose name I did not know, crossed the room with malice in his eyes.

"Kyle!" He called, to a young lad stood by the window.

"Kyle!" He called again, more agitated now.

There was no reply from the boy named Kyle, save a baffled look.

"Step up!" The young man demanded. "Step up, I tell you! Now is the time that you must step up, Kyle!"

Kyle narrowed his eyes and put down his cup. I took this as my cue to leave - trouble was brewing.

4. The Man Who Could Not Swear

By Prof. Hannity

First published: June 2009

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Featured extract:

He brought a finger to his lips. "Please", he begged, "do not use that kind of language."

It was at that very moment that the aliens attacked.

5. The Greatest Lies Are The Ones We Tell Ourselves (And Other Poems)

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Featured extract:

He waved an accusing finger, sweat pouring down his brow.

"Why?" He demanded. "Why must you persist in these falsehoods? Why can truth never escape your scornful lips?"

The Duchess scowled and turned her back to him.

"It does not matter." She said. "In 72 hours I will be the most wealthy woman in all of Christendom, and you, will be dead."

"You're lying!" He screamed. "Why are you always lying!"

6. Who Art Thou?

By Lord Willam Aharton III Of Hamburg

First published: 1677

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Featured extract:

And lo, I saw'eth a young maiden standing be'fore me. Her hair a'plaited and her eyes shaded by a tree.

I turn'd to my horseboy.

"Who art that maiden?" I enquire'd.

"Her name I know not" he doth reply, "but such radiance I have ne'er seen afore."

7. LeBron James

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Featured extract:

LeBron James, LeBron James, LeBron James.

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