8 YouTube Videos That Will Leave You Feeling Motivated For The New Academic Year

25 September 2017, 15:50 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

8 YouTube Videos That Will Leave You Feeling Motiv

By Benedict Townsend

With summer over and the new academic year upon us, it's time to turn to our good friends over on YouTube to see what tips and advice they have

Green Day once famously sang the lyrics "September sucks, boooo September", in their song of the same name. But as bleak as the return of the school year may seem after the fun of summer, it's not actually that bad - and we have ten videos to prove it. Here are some awesome YouTuber videos that will hype you up to get back into the academic action:

1. Let's start off with something light

To get you in a good mood as you plan your return to school. If you want hilarious, relatable comedy, look no further than the Superwoman herself, Lilly Singh:


2. Watch Zoe and Joe Sugg visit their old school

It's full of lots of positivity towards school, which might be just what you need to set you up for your return.

3. Need school supplies? Well, why not make your own?

LauraDIY has got you covered, pal.

4. Have some awesome tips for getting ready for University

IBZ is a smaller YouTuber, but he makes some undeniably good videos. Hopefully you'll find this video helpful if you're off to college!

5. Take a break to wish you were going to THIS school instead

Probably fair to say that Video Game High School features around 100% more super car racing than the average school.


6. Thinking of heading to film school? SuperSamStuff has some tips

Perfect for people who may be heading to film school this autumn, or people who are thinking of working towards going in the future.

7. Get nostalgic for school before you've even left

They say you only truly miss something when it's gone - but why not get a head start now?

8. When in doubt - look for hacks

Some hacks are better than others, luckily you have Qualified Scientist Shane Dawson to test things out for you. Which hacks work and which don't? Just check this handy dandy video to find out:

 9. Be thankful you don't go to Riddle School

Makes normal school seem like a walk in the park by comparison, eh?

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