9 Pieces Of YouTuber Merch To Literally Beg For This Christmas

24 October 2016, 16:44 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

You deserve this.

Let's be real- 2016 hasn't been the best. We won't go into the horrors of celebrity deaths, terrifying clowns and David S Pumpkins that came with this shocking year but we will say we're looking forward to celebrating the festive season and hope it comes with a huge delivery of turkey, hot chocolate and damn-good-presents. Because we deserve it.

In light of this, we've been tasked with the hard mission to find some of the best YouTuber merchandise out there so that you can inform Santa exactly what you'd like to see under the tree. We also totally encourage the joys of giving and would more than recommend the items as perfect gifts for your YouTube loving best friend, sister, grandpa or guinea pig.

Do let us know in the comments below if you're hyped for the holidays and what's top of your wishlist.

Frantastic Monday Sweater

We don't have a dress code here at We The Unicorns HQ but we're starting to think we might need to order half a dozen of these Connor Franta sweaters and wear them 24/7.

youtube merch christmas

AmazingPhil Stickers

Whether it's for our phones, our notebooks or our dogs' ears, we always need more sticks in our lives. If you're the ultimate Phil Lester fan, these ones are a must for you.

youtuber merch christmas


Sprinkle of Glitter Diary 2017

What's more fun that organising our silly, silly lives? Doing it with the help of Louise Pentland, of course. Louise's second diary is filled with handy tips and gorgeous pictures to inspire you daily.

youtube merch christmas


Louise Live DVD

Speaking of Louise, her DVD is a must for everyone who likes to laugh (that means you). We were lucky enough to attend Louise Live but, if you missed it or want to relive it all again, it's now on DVD for your hilarity. Perfect to watch on Christmas day, everyone from your sister to your nan will find Louise's stand-up show very funny indeed.

youtuber merch christmas


Zoella False Nails

First off, can we just appreciate the effort that's gone into these hand-painted false nails? They look amazing. Any Zoella fan would be more than happy to fet these in their stocking (our Senior Editor included!)

youtuber merch christmas


Troye Sivan T-Shirt

Don't ask us to pick our fave Troye song because we literally can't, but we can confirm 'Youth' is one of our most played tracks on Spotify therefore you should buy us this t-shirt from Etsy. Or stick it on your Santa list, either is cool...

youtuber merch christmas


Jack and Dean Signed Poster

If your room isn't already covered in posters of your favourite YouTubers/singer/Internet cats then keep your fingers crossed that this Jack and Dean signed poster lands under your actual Christmas tree.

youtuber merch christmas



Cameron Dallas Tshirt

If Dallas is your bae, prove it with this actually really stylish tshirt.

youtuber merch christmas


British YouTuber Phone Case

If you're a big fan of the likes of Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart and Jim Chapman then this glittery phone case is for you.

YouTuber merch Christmas