Amanda Cerny: 12 Facts You Didn't Know About The Online Star

16 January 2018, 14:33 | Updated: 12 February 2018, 11:42

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Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Get to know this online superstar

Amanda Cerny is one of the most popular creators online, with a successful career that has spanned Vine, YouTube and even an extremely valuable Instagram account.

1. She does a lot of charity work

Amanda has done charity work and even started her own foundation in Haiti called 'Play Foundation'.

2. She was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Florida

She then moved to LA to pursue her career in entertainment.

3. She has a sister called Samantha

She is less of a public figure than Amanda.

4. Her half brother is also a social media star

Her half brother is Instagram star Nick Bateman.


5. Her birthday is June 26, 1991

Making her 26 years old (at the time of writing).


6. Education

She studied International Affairs at Florida State University.

7. She posed for Playboy in 2011

Body confidence has always been a part of her brand.

8. She is 5'7" tall (1.7m)

You can see how she stacks up against other online stars using our ultimate list of YouTuber heights.

9. She starred in a music video.

For the charmingly named band 'Fartbarf'. Watch it here.

10. Her relationship with Justin Bieber

She was rumoured to be dating Bieber in 2016.

Amanda Cerny dating Justin Bieber
Amanda Cerny and Justin Bieber. Picture: Other

11. Her first boyfriend was comedian Dane Cook


12. How to pronounce her name

Amanda clarified this on Twitter.