The 10 Best iPhone Games That You Can Play Offline

20 February 2017, 12:27 | Updated: 13 February 2018, 16:13

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By Benedict Townsend

No data? No problem.

Whether you're looking for something to do on your morning commute, something to pass the time at home or a simple distraction on a long flight, there's no denying that mobile gaming has more weird and wonderful options than ever before. The only problem is that a large number of some of the most popular mobile games require you to have an internet connection to play - which means that the welcome distraction you just downloaded for your boring coach trip is now either impossible to play, or going to cost you a massive chunk of mobile data.

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Well have no fear, because your ol' pals at Unicorns have done some research and play-testing (if I'm playing a game for an article it counts as work, right boss?) in order to produce a handy list of some of the best games that you can play with no internet at all. For simplicity, we've limited the list to iPhone mobile games, but a large portion of these games are available on other platforms too!


1. Plants vs. ZombiesЩ 2

Price: Free, baby!

Yeah, but, it isаactually free?: Yep!

For people who like: Easy but addictive games, tower defenceаgames.

A straightforward but much-beloved game. You are plants and you need to stop the zombies - any questions? Also available across consoles and basically anywhere you can digitally download mobile games, so don't give us any of that 'I can't find it" nonsense.


2. Minecraft: Pocket Edition


For people who like:аMinecraft, full games, pixelated blocks.

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You might well gasp at the г6.99 price tag, which is admittedly high for a mobile game -аbut, this isn't just a mobile game: This is a full game. This really is Minecraft. It's a little behind the PC version in terms of the latest features, but it's only a little behind and still features constant - and always free - updates. We can't stress enough - this is Minecraft. Full Minecraft, but on your phone. If you want to access online features, like multiplayer, you'll obviously need an internet connection; but to play the normal game it requires no internet at all.


3. Temple Run 2

Price: Free, baby!

Yeah, but, it isаactually free?:аYou can pay money for certain in-game items, but you don't need to if you don't want to.

For people who like: Easy but addictive games, platformers, giant apes.

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An oldie but a goodie. If you haven't yet tried Temple Run 2 or even it's original title, then you're in for a lot of fun (and hours and hours suddenly disappearing right in front of your eyes). The game can be played with one hand and like, 50% of your attention as well, which is a bonus for those commutes when you have the entirety of the Victoria Line trying to squeeze into your personal space.


4. Monument Valley


For people who like: Puzzles, relaxing games,аworks of goddamn art.

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Dear lord this game beautiful in ways other mobile games simply cannot compete in. Not only is the art style and colouring absolutely stunning, but the level design is truly damning evidence that video games can be considered an art form. It can be kinda hard to describe what the game is like without seeing it in action, but in brief terms, you need to guide a little character around a series of levels by moving the rooms and paths around until they form optical illusions. It's super-simple to pick up and frankly, breathtaking to play. There's a reason why this game has won every app award under the sun.


5. Fallout Shelter

Price: Free, baby!

Yeah, but, it isаactually free?:аYou can pay money for certain in-game items, but you don't need to if you don't want to.

For people who like: The Sims, Sim City, the eventual collapse of mankind.

mobile games

This slick and surprisingly deep game is based on the Fallout series of video games, but have no fear... the game requires zero prior knowledge about those games and is totally open to newcomers. It borrows the flavours and themes of Fallout and their nuclear wastelands, but is actually a total different genre of game - think more Sims City than survival horror. I mean, it's basically The Sims, but in an underground vault. The game design is lush and gorgeous, and allows you to rebuild civilisation underground - including pairing up potential couples for repopulation. You can pay real money for items that will make the game easier, but you don'tаneed to do this; it's just an optionаfor more impatient people.


6. PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator

Price: Free, baby!

Yeah, but, it isаactually free?:аYou can pay money for certain in-game features, but you don't need to.

For people who like: YouTube, PewDiePie,аThe Sims, collecting ridiculous amounts of furniture.

mobile games

This is truly the best of all worlds for YouTube fans. Tuber Simulator allows you to carve a digital career as a YouTuber, by making videos, joining networks and catching the mighty Sponsor Eagle for addition subscribers and views. That being said, the real core of the game is collecting stuff - all of the stuff. Just look at all my cool stuff. The game has online features too, such as visiting your friends and contributing money to your network, but you don'tаneed the internet for the basic fundamentals of gameplay to work.


7. Doodle Jump


For people who like: Easy but addictive games, quick games, sketches on sketchbooks.

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Doodle Jump is simple, highly addictive - and sometimes phone-breakingly frustrating (in a good way). It's more than worth your half-a-buck. You bounce a little bouncy boy on some bouncy platforms and try not to fall or jump directly into the path of various aliens - that's the whole game and it's something that will consume your time like a fun, doodley time vampire.


8. Angry Birds

Price: Free, baby!

Yeah, but, it isаactually free?: You can pay money to get in-game items, but you don't need to.

For people who like: Destruction, actual gameplay, ornithology.

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This is such a classic, famous game that we almost considered not even putting it on the list because we assumed everyone has played it by now but, in the off-chance that you haven't tried it out yet, maybe this can be your chance. The game gives you a ton of bang for your zero bucks; with a bucketload of levels and a fantastic physics system that means that every slingshotted bird feels different from the last, you're doomed to be addicted to Angry Birds. Sorry about it.


9. Legacy Of Discord - Furious Wings

Price: Free, baby!

Yeah, but, it isаactually free?: You can pay money for extra stamina/money, but you don't need to at all.

For people who like:аFighting games, 3D games, RPGs, Japanese games where you can beat up dragons in a bikini.

mobile games

This game has some weird quirks - for example when you load it up it says it's connecting to the internet, even though you can seemingly load all the levels offline? All that matters is that you don't fully need the internet to enjoy this surprisingly full and well-developed 3D game. The graphics and design are great plus it's always fun to hack and slash enemies. Plus you get a pet and the chance to join 50 people hack a huge spider to death once a day.


10. Tiny Wings


For people who like: Easy but addictive games, relaxing games, small but perfectly formed wings.

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Though both games may feature birds, Tiny Wings and Angry Birdsаcould not be more different. Angry Birds is primarily about physics and destruction, while Tiny Wings is more about speed and ... feeling relaxed? It's hard to sum up just how simultaneously fun and relaxing this game can be. You're trying to fly up and down hills at just the right time to soar even higher. Nothing else on the mobile market quite matches the smooth feeling of satisfaction you get when you hit a Tiny Wings hillаjust right. We're big fans.


If you can think of anymore mobile games, don't forget to let us know in the comments below!