6 Back To School MakeUp Tutorials That'll Get You An A+ In Beauty

18 August 2016, 09:42 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:43

We the Unicorns

By Ellie Reilly

Look gorgeous without breaking any rules.

Have your mascara wands, blusher brushes and defining eye shadows at the ready as school is back in session.

While your classes may combat the ins and outs of historical events and the calculation of Pi, it is unlikely that your studies will cover the art of drawing the perfect winged eyeliner. Luckily, these YouTubers have everything under control and are here to help you use the school halls as your very own catwalk.

Whether you choose to go bare or go bold, there's no pressure to wear any makeup for school but these tutorials work great for studying or for heading out at the weekend. Read on for our best of the bunch.

PatrickStarrr - Natural Back To School Makeup Tutorial

Patrickstarrr guarantees you will receive an A+ in school if you take this neutral approach. The toned-down yet insanely flawless look he provides is the perfect way to obey your school’s strict appearance policy while still making heads turn.


Tanya Burr - Drugstore Back To School Makeup Tutorial

Tanya Burr takes the neural look that little step further with a very faint, yet equally effective, liquid liner in this older YouTube tutorial. Still relevant and on-trend, Tanya serves up a faultless finish with a side of understated glamour.


Rachel - 3 Minute Drugstore Makeup Challenge, Back to School Edition

For those who would choose an extra 15 minutes in bed over spending precious time on the finishing touches of your appearance then this tutorial is gold. Rachel and Caroline take on the hilarious 3-minute Makeup challenge to prove that running late on a morning doesn’t mean you make-up lovers have to suffer.


Jade Pierce - Back To School Makeup Tutorial

For a super, super natural look Jayde Pierce has created the perfect tutorial for those wanting to concentrate solely on the skin. No fancy eye make-up or bold lip is involved, which therefore enables you to conform effortlessly to the rules and regulations at school.


Fabulous Hannah - Back To School: Makeup Routine

Fabulous Hannah encourages all to release their inner beauty as she creates a soft, simple and ultimately fresh-faced look. She displays with little effort how you can take on her straightforward and sophisticated approach to tackling the first day of school.


Amy Macedo - Drugstore Back To School Makeup Tutorial 

Amy gives us a fuller face feel, though still flaunts a neutral look by keeping the eyes and lips to a minimum.  She uses drugstore products only and attaches links for all which is beyond perfect for a student running low on money but desperate for brand new makeup.

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