We Need To Talk About Why THIS Creepy AF Video Is Trending On YouTube

19 January 2017, 13:44 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You're not the only person seeing this channel everywhere.

We're so sorry to expose you to this video if you've been lucky enough to avoid it so far; but it's time to talk about it. Titled ‘Bad Baby Giant Candy Taste Test Challenge,’ the creepy video below was uploaded by a channel called 'Freak Family Vlogs', who have gained over 274 million views in the last 30 days ALONE.

In the following video, a father and his two children (strangely named Freak Annabelle and Freak Victoria) are seen eating oversized chocolate bars, sucking on baby pacifiers and throwing milk on one another. Whilst this may seem kinda innocent on the surface level, the videos have a disturbing undertone (don’t take our word for it, watch below).

Not only are the videos themselves problematic, but just as worrying is that the strangely creepy videos have been sitting on the Trending Tab for weeks now, and people have officially had enough. Many viewers are pointing out how it's "scary" and downright disturbing to see videos of this nature randomly pop up in their Recommended feeds - regardless of whether they've been watching that type of content or not.

If you head over to Reddit, an entire thread has been set up calling out 'Freak Family Vlogs' as "a vile, foul and disgusting channel, and something has to be done about it". Having done some pretty intense research into the channel itself, the following examples of disturbing content has been uncovered, and it's giving off some kind of creepy fetish vibe:

  • "Father puts his young daughters under extreme pressure, pain, stress and anxiety and films them"
  • "One of their latest videos sees the father follow his little girl into the bathroom and film her as she's crying in severe pain, blood flowing from her mouth and her tooth falling out"
  • "Another video sees him jump the 2 girls while they are taking a shower and dump a bucket of frogs into their tub, while happily filming them"
  • "Saw one video where the girls fed each other and threw up afterwards... they have on baby clothes and were force feeding soap and baby food"

Even though the channel's content is tagged specifically for children (which we'll come on to later), the focus on their videos is so uncomfortably aimed at people wanting to see children overeating or in "extreme" pain.

Just look at their most popular videos below. Notice that most of them feature blood, open mouths and children submerged in water (be it a "tub" or paddling pool).


Judging by the bizarre nature of its content, it's safe to assume that the majority of people on YouTube aren't watching this channel, right? Well, on Sunday 15th January ALONE, they received 52.3 million views across their whole channel. Even YouTubers such as Em Ford and MrCianTwomey have reached out to their audience to see if they've been bombarded with the same Freak family on their own YouTube accounts. The overall sentiment seems to be that the general presence of this channel is "horrific".

Now, back onto the tags. Using the VidIQ tool, we went to look for the type of tags this channel has been using to generate such an unbelievable amount of views. We were hoping this would crack the case as to why these videos have been trending for weeks, but instead it has brought up even more questions than answers. Terms such as "bad baby" and "freak daddy" are synonymous with this channel, obviously, but in 2017 they've started to generate a new, more creepy meaning aligned with role-play and BDSM fetishes.


While there is no way of stopping these videos from trending, nor is there a way to ban certain channels from making content that doesn't explicitly break any of YouTube's Terms and Conditions, surely everyone can tell there's something going on here. Unfortunately, this just seems to be one of the many disturbing trends that are popping up on YouTube.

But what do YOU think about the creepy AF Freak Family Vlogs channel? Let us know in the comments below.