Will YouTube Actually Ban Logan Paul?

3 January 2018, 16:37

Logan Paul banned ban from YouTube
Logan Paul banned from YouTube. Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Is it time for YouTube to swing the ban hammer?

As the backlash continues against Logan Paul for his now infamous 'suicide forest video' (full story here) there have been increasingly loud calls from viewers and YouTubers alike for Logan to be flat-out banned from the platform.

Can YouTube remove Logan?

In a word: yes. YouTube is a private service that has clear terms of service. Showing a real suicide victim's dead body is an immediate and extreme violation of YouTube's terms of service. It is content that is graphic, disrespectful, alarming, triggering - the list really just goes on and on.

This is only compounded by the other appalling elements of the video:

- The fact that Logan did not have permission from the person's family to show the body

- The fact he barely censored the body and did nothing to present the body in a dignified way.

- The fact he put the body in the video thumbnail.

- The fact the body in the thumbnail was barely censored, to the point where you could clearly make out the body and the rope.

- The fact that YouTube allowed the video to rise to number one on the trending page.

- The fact that YouTube didn't even remove the video after huge complaints (Logan himself removed it).

If you're going to go purely by the rules - YouTube's own rules, it would make perfect sense to ban Logan from the platform, or to delete his channels, restrict his content... to do something.

Will YouTube remove Logan?


Why? Because he's too big and the platform needs him. He makes money. That's it.

Donald Trump has violated the Twitter's terms of service time and time again and Twitter allows him to remain. They say this is because of his position, but it is also because he is incredibly good for business. The same goes for Logan. YouTube needs Logan like Logan needs YouTube. He pulls in viewers day after day, and profit with it. No company would willingly slaughter a cash cow like that.

Perhaps I'm being a cynic, but I have zero faith in YouTube's ability to step up and deal with this. Seeing as the site spent most of 2017 censoring and demonetising harmless LGBTQ+ videos while simultaneously allowing both extreme far right videos and worrying children's videos to propagate the site.

But hey, it's a new year, perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised.