11 Video Ideas To Kick Start Your Brand New Beauty Channel

11 January 2017, 12:36 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Getting started with a YouTube channel can be quite difficult- you've got to consider your name, what you're going to use to film on and how to promote your channel. Over the course of our time on the Internet, we've created several guides to help you figure out how to film, what type of channel you should make and what name you should go for. Now we're on hand to help you kick start your channel with some ideas bound to get the views and that are simple and easy to make.

The first of our series will focus on beauty and lifestyle so if you've got dreams of becoming the next Samantha Maria, Lily Pebbles or Zoe Sugg then look no further.

beauty video ideas

It can be overwhelming when your first start your channel, there are so many amazing creators out there and everyone wants a piece of the pie- so how do you stand out? Our advice for when you do your first few videos is not to worry about making a huge unique production and just get yourself comfortable and confident in front of the camera. These 11 videos will be easy to make, easy to edit and allow you to find your rhythm.


50 Facts About Me

What better way for your audience to get to know you than doing a fact video? This is a very popular first video and we can see why.


What's In My Bag

One of the oldest- and still most interesting- types of beauty and lifestyle videos on YouTube, this can easily be filmed in one take and ready to upload.


A Haul

Who doesn't love a good old haul? Another easy to film video and one which allows you to do a little shopping, hauls are hugely popular on YouTube and a first video for many. Top tip? Label it with the store and month and year in the video title to help with search- for example "Sephora Haul, January 2017".


Monthly Favourites

Another classic in the beauty community, a monthly favourites video will really show your personality as you get passionate about the products you love.


Best/Worst Drugstore Finds

We all love discovering a beauty product that's both cheap and amazing so why not tell the world? Or, on the other hand, have you found some that have let you down? The drugstore can be hard to navigate with so much to pick from so why not make a video letting people know your best and worst products from the High Street? You could either do this by type of product, by brand or just as a general overview.


Morning/Evening Routine

Do you go for tea or coffee? What websites do you hit up first? And do you brush your teeth before or after you've done your cleansing routine?


What's In Your Every Day MakeUp Bag

If you're anything like us, you'll carry round several products in your bag the you probably don't need but would be naked without.


What's In Your Carry On/Travel Bag

What are your travel essentials that you can't take a flight without? Share your top tips!


YouTube Made Me Buy It

A popular tag on YouTube, this video is all about the products your favourite creators faved about and you rushed out and bought.


Product Review

We all hate spending our honest, hard-earned cash so why not make an authentic review of some products you've recently been trying? The video below was one of Samantha Maria's first videos which she uploaded seven years ago!


Top 10

Be it holy grail products, mascaras, lipsticks or nail polishes a la Lily Pebbles, it's always interesting to find out which products people seriously rate. We've watched this Lily Pebbles video loads and really rate Ms Rosie Bea's recent video too.


We haven't included a makeup tutorial in this list because we reckon they're pretty hard to pull off for a first video but if you feel confident enough then go for it!

If you have a beauty or lifestyle channel, let us know what the URL is in the comments below.